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Hello Nakama!

Are you ready to Rock the Dragon with me?

For those who don't know I'm am the quarter 2 moderator for the Dragon Ball community here on Vingle! I'm super excited to bring great new content to the Dragon Ball community and working with all the great people here on Vingle!
Every Saturday here on the Dragon Ball Community there will be a new and exciting event for everyone in the community to participate in and I hope to see new cards throughout the week from our great community members!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I've been a fan of Dragon Ball since I was around 10 years old. I first saw it at my cousins house with Dragon Ball Z Budokai and went back to watch the anime on Toonami. My Friends and myself would act as the characters from the show and constantly talk about our favorite show, Dragon Ball Z!

For my full Dragon Ball story: you can check out this card here!

My name is Son Tyler formerly known as TylerDurso here on vingle and I'm happy to be your moderator here on the Dragon Ball community!

This quarter is going to be bigger than ever as we have a group of great moderators for all the anime and manga communities here on Vingle!

As of now I'm not looking for any support members but keep a look out for that might change in the future!

It's going to be great working with all of you I know we can take this community to a power level that's over 9000!!!

right on dude! I know you'll do dope stuff in Dragon Ball
I may be the Fairy Tail moderator but Dbz is still my favorite anime of all time. I can't wait to see you do great things with this community man.
@InVinsybll thank you sir and I hope to keep assisting you as your support in the anime community
@SonTyler I hope so but I know you'll do some awesome things in Dragon Ball
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