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Que tal mis amigos!

Your chica is at it again with another BTS Fanfiction. I know I only completed one, but my stories begin as dreams. When I don't dream about it anymore I stop writing. I know you all loved my BTS LOVES CHOCOLATE SERIES, so you might enjoy this one called "Red Love Triangle."


This is about the guys returning home from being away working for about 7 years. They have gained fame and fourtune. But lost personal relationships ships. Jimin and Namjoon are fighting to regain the heart of Jessamine (pronounced Jasmine). Background....Namjoon was dating Jessamine but dropped her when his career began. She was hurt and broken. She confined in Jimin as support but then they began dating. He ended up and cheating her while he was away touring. Jessamine was heart broken from both of these guys. She also have sister like relationships with the other guys. She is a successful bussiness woman. She is well know for her faahion line and store line called Wild Child and she is working on a makeup project. She is a Black Latina and the total opposite from a Korean girl. Everyone is adjusting to the return on the guys. This does take place in South Korea so far.


chapters 3-5 here

Chapter 1:Homecoming

It has been a long 7 years. They guys for BTS have been working hard for about 7 years. They have grown with fame and fourtune. However, they lacked with personal relationships. They were planning a homecoming party and were  going to invite loved ones. Jessamine walked out of the shower to see 6 missed calls and 7 missed texts. She was shocked to see that the missed calls were from Namjoon and Jimin. They text messages came from Jungkook, Jin, and Hobbie. She turned up her nose when she seen Namjoon and Jimin names on her phone. She was curious so she called Jungkook back. "Hey big sis! I'm so glad you called back!" Jungkook said in a childish voice. "Hey Kookie are you okay?" She said in a concerned tone. "Yeah I'm fine. We all been trying to contact you. We are having a gathering and we are inviting people who are close to us." "Oh okay. That's nice Kookie. I hope you all have fun." Jessamine said. "It won't be fun without you big sis. Please come. We will get you." "Okay bro, I think I can change some things around in my schedule." Jessamine said. " Awesome Jessamine! I will let the others know! Take care!" "Okay Kookie rest well." She hung up the phone and got ready for work. Jessamine was returning home from work. She was busy working on her makeup line called "Beauty Beast." She throw herself in her sofa after tossing her heels. Ah my feet are killing me! Jessamine was still shocked that the guys were finally home. She looked through her phone. She wondered why Namjoon and Jimin were blowing her phone up. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Jessamine slowly walked over to the door. " Um, who is it?" "The sexy beast you have been ignoring."Namjoon says. His deep voice made Jessamine bit her lip. She missed that voice so much, but he would never know. She opened the door to see Namjoon with bundles of red roses. "For you my beauty." Namjoon bowed and handed her the roses. Jessamine pushed out a smoke and tip toed into her kitchen to grab a vase and run some water in it. Namjoon sat on the couch and watched her. He licked his lips as he admired her curves. Her black mini dress hugged her like a glove. The soft jersey material fit her just right. As she leaned over to place the vase on the living room table he caught a glimpse of her soft pink bra strap. He grinned as memories of him snatching off her bras flooded his mind. "Que tal Namjoon?" She said while flopping in the couch. "What's up? What's up with you ignoring me?" He said. "Kim Namjoon don't start with me. You been ignoring me for about 7 fucking years." Jessamine rolled her eyes. "I know baby but I've been working...working hard." Namjoon said while grabbing her left foot. He began rubbing her foot. Jessamine rolled her eyes. "Why are you even touching me...don't Nam.." "Your feet are sore. I can tell they are red as hell and you are walking funny. I can't have my woman in pain" He switched over to her right foot. Him rubbing her foot felt so good. She let a small moan slip passed her lips. She blushed when she heard the aound. Namjoon grinned showing his perfect dimples on his cheeks. "You didn't think about me in pain when you dropped me like a bad habit. Then you said in your interview that your ideal girl were pale girls. I'm far from pale." Jessamine said. "Look I didn't want to let you go, but I didn't want to leave you hanging baby girl. That pale girl stuff was all for the fans and ish. You know I love milk chocolate." Namjoon began kissing Jessamine on her neck and rubbing her inner thigh. "I'm a chocolate addict. Mmm I could use a dose right now future Mrs. Kim." He began running her through her thin lace panties. "Don't fight it. You know you been missing your Nam Nam Kimchi too. You are so fucking wet." Namjoon moaned in her ear. "Kim Namjoon! Don't think you can just waltz in here and fuck me! I haven't seen or heard from you in 7 years! You think you can just come in here looking all sexy, smelling good, and saying the things I want to hear. You got me fucked up!" "Ah, baby don't be like that. Fine maybe I was wrong. Call me guilty for wanting to make love to my queen. Shit baby." Namjoon said. "Look I'm tired Namjoon. I will see you at the gathering." She lowered her voice and walked him to the door. Namjoon grabbed her hand and gently kissed it. Then he kissed her forehead. "Baby I'm sorry and I do love you. Please forgive me and rest well." Jessamine felt so bad, but he was fool if he thought she was gonna just bust it open. Even if she did want to. "Night Namjoon. Please tell Jimin to stop blowing me up btw." "Park Jimin? That asshole..." Namjoon mumbled.

Chapter 2 Homecoming Event: Bad Blood

Jessamine was chatting with Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Park. The mothers were expressing their concerns for their sons. Jessamine didn't want to hear it, but she didn't want to be rude. "Namjoon is still single! I wonder when he will get a woman. I want grandchildren." "Yes, the same with Jimin. I mean our boys are successful and handsome. I have no idea what they are doing." "Jessamine honey are you still single?" Mrs. Park says. "Yes momma Park and momma Kim." Jessamine looked down at her wine glass. "Why are you single?" Mrs. Kim asked. Jessamine had this help me look in her face. The last thing she needed was a lecture about being single. Jimin saw her look and waltzed over to her. " Excuse me I see you all are talking, but can I borrow Jessamine for a while?" Jimin says while wearing his one million dollar smile. "Yes, son and come back with grandbabies!" His mother shouted. Jessamine face was a deep red as she sat down on the blue sofa away from the party. Jimin sat down next to her. This area was quite and the noise from the gathering was a soft background noise. "Thanks for saving my ass." She says. Jimin smiled and then sat next to her. She smelled so good and looked even better. "No problem babe. Our mothers can be crazy. why have my baby been treating me so cold?" "Are you referring to me Chim Chim?" "Yes, you know you belong to me." He sat closer to smell her neck. "Why you been so cold baby?" He began kissing her neck. "Jimin you know that's my spot. Play fair." Jessamine moaned. "No need to tell me I remember all my baby's spots. Here's another." He says while biting her ear. "Jimin please. This not the place nor time. Your parents are hear for crying out loud. Besides you cheated on me and I don't think there is no going back." She softly pushed him away. "Look I was drunk and you know I had no idea what was going on." "Well you knew enough to get up Jimin. You let that bitch suck your dick." "At least I didn't fuck her baby. That's the past." Jimin began kissing on her collar bone. "You would have if Namjoon didn't walk in on you two. Jimin stop." "What the fuck are you doing to her?" Namjoon grabbed Jessamine. "She said stop Jimin." "Look Namjoon mind your fucking bussiness. I had her last after you left her high and dry. She's mine to have." Jimin grabbed her. "What? You wanna compare. Didn't you let some ugly bitch suck your dick? Did you cheat on this sexy woman? See man you make no sense, just shut the fuck up." Namjoon grabbed Jessamine. "Hey sis we are looking for you." Jungkook and Tae say in unison. "Oh thank GOD! You two! Let's go!" Jessamine said while grabbing Jungkook and Tae and walking away. "I've been cool with you dude for the group and all but you arr fucking irritating." Namjoon says. "Ha you think I really like you Kim Namjoon? Jessamine belongs to me I soothed her wounds when you left her and acted as if she didn't exist." Jimin says while walking passed Namjoon. "Stay the fuck away from her."
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The Nam Nam Kimchi had me dying lol but exes are always doing that, swooping in, pressing your buttons, almost making you forget why they're exes. 왜! Are these good problems? Waiting for more...
I loved it!^_^ but one question; where's suga?
please tag me
@amobigbang k thanks!
@MinDeji thanks
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