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I stumbled across this photo and I was just too stoked. If you know me, you know I love Wall•E and anime so after this initial find I went on good ole google to search for more Wall•E and Eve Anime fan art. They are all so cute ahh, so I thought I'd share. These are all my favorites.
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I would watch this so fast
2 years ago·Reply
yessss I completely concour! @xXAidenXx187
2 years ago·Reply
me too i wouldn't mind watching it if they did put it in a series😍😆 i like the 1st pic the 3rd pic N the 5th pic more
2 years ago·Reply
umm....... N the 4th too
2 years ago·Reply
Hard to choose just one right? They are all pretty aweshum but I have to agree the 1st, 3rd, and 5th are the best especially in terms of current traditional anime animation style. :) @DestinyAgnew but ahh the 4th has great ambiance and the 2nd is chibi, soooo cute
2 years ago·Reply