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As long as there are still new ideas, no matter how ludicrous it seems, people will still run with them and turn those ideas into actuality. I saw this happen yesterday when I happened across this advert for what I initially thought was a new anime. Which it may still be, I guess. I'm really not too sure.

It's about horse-girls and racing, but also apparently they're idols too... and maybe ice skaters? And lovers? Hard to say.

Check out the ad from Cygames:
Okay... so a lot is happening. It's all very moe, to be sure, but also kind of confusing. Like why are they both idols and racers? If I were to be making this game/anime whatever it is going to be, I think I'd stick with judt one of these potential themes. Either they're horse girls or they're idols. Both seems like a bit much.
Cygames is the studio responsible for making the game Rage of Bahamut, a game that later saw two anime spinoffs based on the material. Word has it that Cygames just announced at Anime Japan 2016 that they'll be opening an animation studio as a fully-owned subsidiary of the company.
They've had animation teams working before, but now it looks like they'll be putting their best foot forward, not only on making adaptations of their games, but also making new, fresh anime with the studio.
I'm honestly not sure whether this horse-race-idol ad is for an upcoming anime or a game, but either way, it's super weird yet somehow exactly something I'd expect.
I kind of like how they sit around eating hella apples and carrots together. I just hope this doesn't result in weird otaku dudes going up to a horse and being like "Why hello there, Uma-Chan.. winkwink."
@danidee They already do lol There called bronies XD
@danidee oh, it'll happen. those horse masks that are so popular will become even more popular
@straightshooter I can see the appeal for that ,but also until I know what actual gameplay would look like, I don't think I could consider it. I don't think I'd enjoy idol games
I'm weirdly into this now thanks @InVinsybll 馃槀
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