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hello ! i'm back with more lockscreens ! thanks to all that requested ! please make requests under 5 lockscreens thanks ! also, if you're going to request please request on the latest lockscreen card or the card that came before that. example - requesting on #13 or #12 that's all i ask thank you! anyway enough with all these rules and crap ! here we go !
requested by : @RedeuBelbet image : kim namjoon (BTS)
for : @ScarletMermaid image : park chanyeol you had said you really liked that chanyeol ones so i made an extra one for you !
requested by : @ScarletMermaid image : huang zitao (Z.TAO)
requested by : @AmberRelynn image : kim jonghyun
requested by : @sherrysahar image : do kyungsoo
requested by : @sherrysahar image : jung taekwoon (leo of vixx)
( not requested ) image : jeon jungkook (BTS)
thanks to all that requested and i hope everyone enjoyed theirs! anyone can request anytime but please make requests under 5 lockscreens ! thank you ! i have a lot of fun making these so don't be shy ! if you want to be tagged or untagged in these posts just comment !
You always make such awesome lockscreens 馃槏 thank you for always tagging me 馃挏 if you have time, would you do one with Kim Hansol from Topp Dogg and JHope together???
@sherrysahar of course !
love the Kookie one. if u get a chance can u make a g dragon one?
Oh Lord have mercy on my soul
These are so amazing!! You always make amazing lockscreens. If you have time, could you make one with Mark from Got7 please?
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