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Day 79 of the 250k transformation challenge. Its the final week and I just have to make it until Sunday without binging out. For the next few days until Friday, I'm keeping my carbs low and also my sodium intake. This is to help me look my leanest for my final progress pics on Sunday. I never realized how much sodium I take in everyday. Today's goal is to take in less than 600 mg and it's really difficult. 1 egg has 65 mg, meat has sodium for every 3 oz, and my protein shake has 150 mg per scoop. I'm trying to find high protein, low carb and low sodium foods. The previous week I was able to take in 4,000 mg of sodium and that was easy. All I had to do was put in some soy sauce and salt and that would be well over 1,000 mg. Most TV dinners have tons of sodium also. I can't wait to go back to my regular eating on Monday! Trying to keep my gains while staying lean will be my next priority. I'm looking into a couple of workout programs that I may try, but I'm leaning towards a new calisthenics journey. There's a couple of goals I have like holding a handstand for 10 seconds which I might document. I also want to hold a front lever for 10 seconds and be able to do a one arm pull up. These are just some ideas that I have for my next YouTube progress series. It'll be alot easier than having to worry about my weight. Have a great Tuesday everyone!
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do it do it do it @udskam make me proud. no cheating