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Hey guys, back with more baseball news to help everyone prep for another great year on the diamond.
Over the past decade, the Giants have been one of the best teams in baseball. The team took a minor step back last year though, missing the playoffs despite an above 500 record.
Is this the year the Giants become one of the elite teams in baseball again?
The Giants posted a record of 84-78 in 2015.
What many may not have noticed was that the team was in a slight rebuilding phase. Over the past two years, the team has lost Pablo Sandoval, and seem a huge drop in production from Tim Linecum and Matt Cain. The once vaunted pitching rotation had a couple flaws.
To address those issues, the team bought in Johnny Cueto this year. While Cueto has had his ups and downs in his career, he has the skills to be a GREAT #2 or 3 arm in a rotation. They also have Jake Peavy, who was once an ace for teams. Jeff Samardjiza is one of the most underrated arms in baseball. For this team to have him as their 4th arm in the rotation is great.
Offensively, the team has never been an unstoppable force, but they play the game the right way and apply pressure on the other team due to solid hitting and timely bunting. Buster Posey and Hunter Pence are two of the better players at their position in the MLB, but the other guys will need to step up and show growth if this team is to turn the corner. Brandon Belt and Denard Span's production will play a pivotal role in how good this team is. If Belt plays up to his patenting and turns the corner in 2016, this lineup could be scary.
Are the Giants the best team in the NL?
And gotta believe! Even if we may not have the best regular season record (the Cubs do have an amazing lineup), we showed the world we can do in 2014.
@edwinthepenguin Can't wait for opening day!!!!!!!!!!
we'll see how the boys do soon enough. opening day is Monday at 11am...
@mchlyang You are right about the Cubs being strong, but honestly, I think the Giants have the strongest lineup in the NL as of now. That being said, Bumgarner, Samardzija, and Cueto all need to stay healthy!
In the NL West, yes. But if we open up the discussion to the entire league, Giants, Cubs, and Mets all make great cases for the number one spot!