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so if I had a random cutie paying for my coffee in advance I would probably be shocked. I would ask the cashier if they were correct like would he really pay for mine ME XD
ok for someone to share his snacks thats major plus he bought me coffee before yup hes perfect
im short okay im 5'3 so if this adorkable man helped me I would just die of happiness and if its like in the movies I would be standing there on my tip toes reaching up barley even touching the book. he would walk up behind me really close reach up and grab the book for me, slowly I would turn around and see his amazing smile do you know how cute a moment like that would be :) ahhhhhh taehyung ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
random free lunch with a cute guy heck yes now I just need him to fall in love with me XP
*sigh* walking around town and this amazingly cute guy walks up and hands me a flower I look around me no other girls near by. he didnt mistakenly give it to me he really gave me this flower I must of saved my country in my last life
reverse robbed me? he gave me more stuff HELP THIS MAN REVERSED ROBBED ME xD no officer I want to punish him myself :P
its freezing and this guy walks up hands me his jacket and runs off all I got was a glimpse of his face before he disappeared around the corner. I hope I get to see him again
that moment when your being soaked in the rain and this guy walks up holds his umbrella over you and you just stare at each other. so romantic and creepy (imagine after a day of all these guys helping you, you are at this concert and you look up at the group and its all the same guys from this morning. they see you and wave excitedly but that they each are waving at you imagine them fighting over you)
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ahhh your results sound so cute~ i love how you added little imagines, too. Thanks for playing ♡