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Hi I am back with my day 10 kpop challenge card. Here is my favorite group I feel is one of the most underrated groups I know of in all kpop. Their name is U-KISS which stands for "UMBIQUIOUS KOREAN INTERNATIONAL SUPER STARS". They are made to be famous in Korea and Internationally as well. However they're not very popular in Korea and their popularity is a bit better Internationally but not by much. They all can speak many languages as well so that is another reason i love them because most of them can speak to alot of people from alot of different languages. There is some members that can speak up to 7-8 languages I believe. They have been through many members here is their names and info and i will pictures of them as well. Starting with the ones currently in the group. Hopefully I got them all because since they been through so many it is hard to keep track LOL! Anyways lets start!
Birth name: Shin Soo Hyun Stage name: Soohyun Date of Birth: March 11,1989 Blood Type: A Height: 181cm/Weight: 68KG Soohyun was made leader in March 2009. U-KISS didn't have a leader until which was also when they had comeback with the song "0330". He is the power vocal of the group with an extremely powerful voice. He is also known for his very caring nature.
Birth name: Lee Ki Seop Stage name: Kiseop Date of Birth: January 17 1991 Blood type: A Height:181cm/Weight:64kg He joined U-KISS in November 2009 when their very popular comeback song "Man Man Han Ni" came out. Before entering U-KISS he was an Ulzzang. He appeared briefly in U-KISS debut song "Not Young". He is known for his occasional unusual behavior.
Birthname: Ellison Kim (Korean name: Kim Kyoung Jae) Stagename: Eli Date of Birth: March 13 1991 Blood Type: O Height:180cm/Weight:68kg He is now the shortest member. He is one of U-KISS American members. He is known by "Pigeon" because he does a really good pigeon imitation alot of the times he has a tv show appearance.
Birthname:Yeo Hoon Min Stage Name: Hoon Date of Birth:August 16 1991 Blood Type: B Height:180cm/Weight:70kg He was originally a solo artist that debuted in 2009.He has a very strong yet mellow voice,I love it! He is also one of the Quietest members.
Birthname:Kevin Woo (Korean name: Woo Sung Hyun) Stage Name:Kevin Date of Birth: November 25 1991 Blood Type: O Height: 180cm/Weight: 57kg Kevin is now the only other American member besides Eli.He is known for his very sweet and innocent image. He is called the "Smile Angel" because of his beautiful contagious smile and laugh. He is one of the main vocal and dancer of the group. He was also previously a member a Xing with former member Kibum.
Birthname: Lee Jun Young Stage name: Jun Date of Birth: January 22 1997 Blood Type: AB Height:185cm/Weight:61kg He is the newest addition to the group and also now the Maknae. He is also the tallest member of the group now. He was chosen for the group through a secret audition for his talents in singing,rap and dance.
BirthName:Kim Jaeseop Stagename:AJ Date of Birth: June 4 1991 Blood Type: A Height:183cm/Weight:68kg He is a former member of NHM (NH Media) group called Paran. He is not American but he speaks fluent English and sounds like he was born in America! His Thai is pretty good as well! He is currently on hiatus because of studying at university in New York City at the moment studying for his degree. He is Main Rapper of the group next to Eli.
We are now at the former members of the group.... Birthname:Shin Dong Ho Stage name: Dongho Date of Birth: June 29 1994 Height:178cm/Weight:62kg Blood Type: O He made news when he debuted because he was only 14 at the time and this was when groups still mainly debuted about 18 mostly (this was in 2008). He appeared in probably more variety shows than all the other members probably put together! He was known for his amazing Variety show skills. He had grown into a really great rapper and he grew up in China so his Mandarin skills were good as well. He left the group in October 2013 because he wanted to live a normal life not being an idol.
Birthname:Alexander Lee Eusebio Stagename: Xander Date of Birth: June 29 1988 Blood Type: O Height:182cm/Weight:62kg Alexander was the tallest,eldest and loudest member. He was a rapper and was famed for being able to speak 7 languages with varying degrees of fluenty (English,Korean,Mandarin,Cantonese,Portuguese,Spanish and Japanese).
Birthname: Kim Ki Bum Stagename: Kibum Date of Birth: December 29 1990 Blood Type: O Height:179cm/Weight:65kg Kibum (now known as Allen), was famed for being the Brother of HyungJun of SS501.He can Fluently speak & write Japanese. He was very witty and known for his very nimble word plays. Okay that is all I am doing LOL. I hope you enjoy this I put a TON of work into this so yeah LOL Let me know if you would like to be added or removed from future cards below! I hope you enjoyed and have a great day! My Taglist: @Lexxcisco, @donnasearles