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Sorry this is so late. I could t think of things to write. Tagged by @twistedPuppy I'll try this out. 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Go!
About me: Name: Janessa Akemi Fong Age: 16 (April 3, 1999) Height: 5'3" -I'm adopted -I'm Chinese-American -I have a birth mark on my forehead (it's not a scar) -Addicted to Netflix -things I love: anime, kpop, kdramas, YouTube -I'm a binge watcher, so if I'm determined to finish a show, I WILL finish that show -I'm empathetic, caring, funny, kind, helpful -I'm semi-smart -I can't sing or dance馃拑馃徎 -I like to do some acrylic painting, but I'm just a beginner -I only wear simple makeup -fav color(s): black, grey, blue -I take karate -I'm really lazy, but will get things done when I have to -Queen of procrastination馃憫 -I'm an outdoors person -also a sports person -really outgoing and out-reaching (feel free to DM me) -extrovert -I'm funny -positive -smile a lot -can most relate to dopey from Snow White and the seven dwarves -enjoy my Disney/animated films -love cute things -awkward aegyo -I enjoy writing, but haven't been into it lately (check out my wattpad) -t-shirt, jeans, and converse type -I'm a Christian, but I'm liberal and open -I support LGBTQ -I can and love to cook and bake -I can sew -I love to travel -I'm mature for my age
Anyone and everyone cuz you're just so adorable! 馃槶
@BlackJackXXX @twistedPuppy omg that's what I pictured too! After reading BTS facts, that's what I imagined!
BTS Rapmon for sure! You're just so cute!
No need to thank me 馃榿
Aw thank you! @kelseyblair
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