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Hey Nakaaaaaama!

I'm super stoked to be able to say that I have been granted the privilege of being the moderator of the Japanese Anime community once again, for this second quarter of 2016! I'm happy to be able to continue leading the charge to make this the dopest anime community anywhere.
I'm sure many of you may recognize me, but our nakama family is always growing, right? So It couldn't hurt for a bit of re-introduction!

I'm InVinsybll, giant nerd and hopeless writer.

I love all things Anime & Manga & Video Games.

(I also like Tyler, the Creator)

I also love books, creative writing, and making new friends.

I'm always down for a chat, so feel free to hit my messages any time, or drop a comment!

Anyone new to the community, welcome!

There are loads of really cool people here who are excited to meet you!
Here are a few things to check out if you have any questions about the community! Make sure to peep those guidelines - they're basically the 'rules' of the community!
Community Guidelines! (This is also where you can find spoiler warnings and mature content warnings!)
If you feel like you are being harassed, or someone is trolling you on your cards, then here's some measures you can take in that situation:

As Mod, there's a couple things I pledge myself to, for our community!

More comments! More cards! More people making friends!

We're gonna be the best anime community, and we're going to become the best together. Vingle ain't facebook, so don't just leave likes and move on, talk to folks! Make friends! SQUEEE TOGETHER.

This quarter, there's a bunch of new mods all over Vingle, and specifically a bunch in the different anime communities!

Manga - @CreeTheOtaku
Dragon Ball - @SonTyler
Fairy Tail - @thatperson512
Naruto - @tayhar18920
Gintama - @Danse
One Piece - @LuffyNewman
There are also support positions open, just let me know if you're interested! There are 6 support spots in each community, so if that appeals to you, reach out to me or any of the other mods!

Long card, but thanks for reading! I'm stoked for an awesome Q2 together, nakama!


hey, I just met you. and this is crazy! but im kinda new tag me maybe?
Yay, congrats! Keep it up. Vingle is awesome bc of ppl like u making everything so great. ^_^ Also, I'd be a supporter if u would like.
@InVinsbyll definitely wanna be tagged!!! And congrats for making mod for this quarter as well!!! I definitely up to being your supporter again and can't wait to see what's in store for the community in these next months X)
That's right we are going to continue to make the anime community great. With all these new mods coming up with new content I'll be better than ever!
Thanks for the shout out for the One Piece community and mentioning me for the mod NAKAMA!! Let's make more NAKAMA and get the anime community closer and bigger here on vingle again this quarter!! NAKAMA 4 life!!
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