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Que tal mis amigos! The story is getting hot! If you missed chapters 1&2 click here.


Chapter 3: Cafe Drama

Jessamine was with her friend Nabi. They were having coffee and Jessamine was updating Nabi about the past events. Three days had passed since the conflict between Namjoon and Jimin. Jessamine did not know how to handle the issue. During the whole conversation Nabi phone was blowing up. "Girl just answer it." Jessamine sips in her bubble green tea. "Naw girl it's just Yoongi blowing up my phone. He's the same. He thinking he can just come back into my life after dropping me. Girl we all been through it. He has left flowers for me at work my desk area is beginning to look like a garden." Nabi shakes her head. "I had no idea Nabi. I thought I was the only one dealing with the BTS boys." "I couldn't give you any advice girl. I don't even know what I'm gonna do about Yoongi. He did me like Namjoon did you and he also slept with a few of the female dancers. He said he was trying to replace the hole in his heart when he dropped me. That's just bullshit." Nabi face turns red. "Nabi I had no idea that you were going through this...I'm sorry." Jessamine gave her a hug. Nabi held back her tears. She loved Yoongi but she didn't want to let him play her again. Suddenly, Jessamine looked up and seen Namjoon and Yoongi together. Jessamine grabbed Nabi hand and went the opposite way. Nabi was confused but followed her friend. "Yoongi and Namjoon just walked in. It looked like they were looking for someone. They girls hid behind a sofa in the coffee house and put on their shades. The guys stopped looking around and approached these two Korean ladies. They had soft pale skin and were dressed well. One had long brownish hair with a blinged bow on the right side of her head. The other had deep red hair and it was pulled back in a long ponytail. They smiled and greeted the boys with a warm hug. "See this is the shit I'm talking about Jasie. They just think they can play with our hearts!" Nabi hissed. "That Cabron!" Jessamine whispers in Spanglish. "I don't know what you just said but I agree. Let's show them!" Nabi said while grabbing Jessamine's arm. Nabi and Jessamine walked right up to Namjoon, Yoongi, and the random women. Nabi was pissed and her face was turning red. "You think we are stupid? You stalk us and then go on a date with some other chicks?" Nabi says. "Ah baby chill it's not..." Yoongi says in a relax tone. "All hell no we ain't got time for yall lies! This is exactly why we should not fuck with yall!" Jessamine eyes were red. "Baby girl just calm down and listen for a change." Namjoon said while standing up. Yoongi stand up too. "You all should listen to these young men." The brown hair girl said. "Oh hell no this bitch!" Nabi and Jessamine said in unison while reaching for her. Namjoon and Yoongi both intervened to stop the girls and grabbed their faces and planted a deep kiss on their lips. Everyone in the cafe gasped and people began taking pictures. Namjoon pushed his tongue into Jessamine's mouth and Yoongi grabbed Nabi's butt. Then they grabbed they girls and ran to their black Cadillac Escalade.

Chapter 4: WTF

"What the fuck?! Yoongi you have some explaining to do!" Nabi yelled. Namjoon was grinning and staring at Jessamine. She was shocked and lost at the same time. But she felt a rush from that public kiss. Yoongi grinned "How else would we have stopped you two from grabbing those girls?" "I liked it." Jessamine mumbled. Nabi rolled her eyes at Jessamine. "Have you went loca chica?" Namjoon grinned. "We can continue baby." Jessamine blushed when she realized her thoughts came out. "No I hated it! You and your soft ass lips.. and..and your smell good stuff. Shame on you Kim Namjoon." Nabi rolled her eyes. Namjoon winked at Jessamine. Yoongi tried not to laugh. "We were handling bussiness woman. You two spoiled it." "Yoongi if you plan on getting out the dog house you better watch what you say." Nabi says. "Those are the owners of Jewels and More. We were creating something for you two." Yoongi says. Nabi was silent and she began blushing. She bit her lip. "I'm so stupid. See Yoongi you make me do stupid things." "Baby I'm just glad you still love me." Yoongi kissed her lips softly. Jessamine was looking through her phone seen an alert from They had an article "Namjoon and Yoongi from BTS making out with Jessamine the owner of Wild Child and famous Kpop blogger Nabi!" Twitter was on fire. "Holy shit guys look." Jessamine showed them her phone. "Well now the world knows yall belong to us Rap Monster and Suga!" Namjoon said in a cheerful tone.

Chapter 5: The Wrath of Jimin

Jimin was pacing back and forth in the guys luxury apartment. He seen the crazy news about Namjoon, Yoongi, Jessamine, and Nabi. His face was red as an apple. He was mumbling under his breath. "Look Jimin chill you know that shit on Koreaboo be lies." Hobi said. "Yeah they are always twisting the truth bro." Tae said. Jimin was engulfed in his anger their voices were whispers of ghosts. Namjoon and Yoongi came in with the girls. Nabi seen Jimin and stood behind Yoongi. "Bro what's up? What are you doing?" Yoongi said. Jimin threw his phone at Yoongi. "What the fuck is this shit?" "Wow I've never heard Jimin speak like this Nabi said. Maybe Jessamine and I should leave." She grabbed Jessamine's arm. "Jimin you aint bout that life bro just chill." Namjoon said. Jimin quickly walked over to Namjoon and got in his face. "You wanna try me bro?" Yoongi and Jin stood in between the two. "Cool down you two dinner will be ready soon." Jin said "Besides no fighting I'm too beautiful for that." "Look let's talk about it Jimin...Namjoon we can go on the patio." Jessamine said while pulling away from Nabi. "Jasie idk about that. Let's go home." Nabi said. "No. I know they won't hurt me." Jessamine said. "Fine I'm man enough for this long waited conversation." Namjoon said while heading to the patio. Jimin followed Jessamine. She sat in between the both of them. Sudden silence fell. "Sorry of I scared you baby." Jimin said while holding Jessamine's hand. "She not your baby Jimin." Namjoon said. " Look we all are grown. Jimin why are you so mad?" "I love you baby! Yeah I was wrong for cheating on you, but I was real. I told you. Other than that....I just feel like you gonna pick him when that asshole broke your fucking heart! Why the fuck was he kissing you in public?" Jimin said "I broke her heart, but you fucking bitches and shit bro. My shit only been touched by her. Yeah I went ghost, but I thought I was protecting her. Did u even tell her about those other bitches you were fucking bro?" Namjoon said. "For your information she knows jerk." Jimin said. "You act like you are the real man but who made her a woman?" Jimin said while smirking. "I will always have my mark on her." "Jimin shut the fuck up bro before you piss me off! Yeah so you took her virginity but I could have anytime. I let you have her. How many times have I had her screaming out my moutherfucking name bro? Namjoon said. "Are you two fucking serious? I'm right here. You think I'm just some pussy that yall can just bust and go? I'm thinking we about to have a grown ass conversation, but yall on some childish shit...boosting about fucking me and shit. Yall got me fucked up! Don't motherfuckin call me or text me for real!" She stood up to leave and Jimin grabbed her. "Baby I'm sorry. You are more than a piece of ass. I love you. I just..." Jessamine eyes were cold. She had it. "Let her go bro she's pissed." Namjoon said. "If taking my virginity meant that much to you Park Jimin you would've honored it. You shamed me and went around fucking other chicks." Jessamine began crying. "Do you know what that did to me? My man running around here fucking nasty ass bitches right after he made love to me! Took something from me I can never get back! I remained true to you Jimin!" "But you fucked Namjoon. Don't act like you were all pure." Jimin stared at her. "How dare you! It was way after we broke up Jimin!" She slapped Jimin. Namjoon shook his head. "Jimin you are such a fucking jerk." Nabi saw Jessamine crying. She quickly grabbed her. "You are a monster Jimin!" Nabi took Jessamine home.
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loved it. normally I'd be pissed if yoongi was portrayed with someone else.(no shame) but this was great
@amobigbang alright
That last gif got me laughing OMG JIMIN I SWEAR YOU NO JAMS!
Oh my 😳😝
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