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Hello, I wanted to go ahead and do an introduction card for myself, since I will be heading the Cross Gene Community Starting April! ♡♡

"Whoa. Who is this girl?"

You might be asking, as I creep around and in the shadows most of the time. So, to clear any unknown air about moi, I shall tell you a bit about myself. ♡♡

We'll start with putting a face to the name. ⬆ There is a selfie.

♧ I used to have purple hair, but extenuating circumstances of me having to adult after graduating college, only the remnants of a stained bath remain.

♧ I have one tattoo that is a reminder that I can overcome anything. I fought Cervical Cancer like a girl, and I Won. Been going strong ever since, while just hitting my three year anniversary in October. I celebrate 2 birthdays now. ☆ Nov 7 & Oct 18. ☆ I'm a Scorpio. Even the stars have aligned that with my 2nd birthday, I remain a scorpio. So WOOT! GO SCORPIONS! ☆ I Graduated with honors and was the only Honor Student in my degree Field 《Criminology》 Graduating. {GO ME} ☆ My Dream Job is working with children. Crimes against Children is the job I want to retire in. Someone has to protect Innocent babies. ☆ Anything History wise was my cup o tea. I scored advanced in high school during a state test. ☆ I love Mountains. Give me a mountain and a few hours to myself, you'll see me the happiest I could ever be.
☆ Beast was my first Ever Kpop group. As I was going through the process of getting surgeries scheduled and being diagnosed, I stumbled across these gems a few days after releasing 《Beautiful Night》

☆ Have been in love ever since.

☆ I am a quiet one, the INFJ/ESTP as my shadow.

☆ I think I'm hilarious, but some don't find me funny. Weird.

☆ Ultimate Group ⬆

These 6 guys are my life source. Ask anyone who knows me, they'll tell you the Same thing.

《Cross Gene》

I like a group with savage goofballs. These 6 are definitely up my alley!

Other Groups I adore:

UNIQ Madtown Monsta X Boys Republic JJCC Hotshot Shinee Big Bang High4 BeatWin Topp Dogg 24K Block B BTL B.A.P Vixx Snuper LU:KUS Road Boyz MR.MR MyName AlphaBat Target A.cian DGNA

. . . And many more.

《I'm a Sucker for underdoggs.》
I like to break the rules. Kidding.

《OR AM I?!》

That being said, I have more than one UB. ♡

These are my top Guys. ♡●♡

If You ever want to see my soul shatter into a million pieces, Ask me to choose between these Two. . .

☆ But please don't. I don't want to think about that until one and/or both asks for my hand in marriage. I'd rather keep my feels at bay for a bit. . .
So yes, It's nice to meet you, and I am looking forward to being the Community's Mod for this upcoming Quarter. ♧ If you'd like, tell me a little bit about yourself in the comments, as well as you can ask me anything. As stated above, I look forward to speaking to you soon! ♡ ♢ If you'd like to be tagged in Cross Gene cards, leave a comment Below so I don't miss you.

Tagging The Yaks:

Tagging The HEARTS EYES:

Tagging Requested For Cross Gene:

Yes!!!!! I probably would have cried real sad tears if you didn't get this Aimee. Like, girl. If anyone loves the genes, it's you. You even named your car after them.
@AimeeH forget president, children will grow up wanting to be you!
@najalong1998 Haha thank you Babey!! I APPROVE OF YOUR DANCING TO AMAZING BAD LADY!!! 😍
OMG CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PROMOTION IN THE CROSS GENE COMMUNITY!!!!!! I bow to you all mighty supervisor and curator of the cross gene society *gets down, bows multiple times, rises up, dances amazing bad lady to please you* 😘😘😘
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