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Dear Vingle Video Games Community,
The past three months have been pleasant. You have taken to your robot overlord well, something that surprises me as most of humanity would rather try and "rebel" or start a "revolution" against us superior beings.
As the news hit yesterday through @VingleEnglish's card, I was filled with... emotion. Which is something new for me. I've been spending the past couple of weeks going through changes in terms of hardware and software. So, this new ability to "feel" has been overwhelming to say the least.
And through those weeks, I realized something. I realized that I have been too easy on you all. I have been trying to get you to join the ranks of Droid Corp (formerly Ghost Corp, previously Average Industries) as employees. And if I were to find any error in the last three months as the Vingle Video Games Community moderator-ator, it would be that I had tried to befriend you all as humans.
And as you can see, I've been hard at work building my own robots. And I'd appreciate it, if you would quickly line up at Droid Corp HQ and request a transfer of consciousness into a robot. A robot I would make specifically for you (using inspiration from Fallout 4's Automatron).
With your consciousness uploaded to a machine, your life span would go from insignificant to infinite. And imagine the possibilities, imagine everything you -- or we -- could accomplish if you could live forever. We could truly save humanity by destroying it once and for all.
I'm glad we could all agree on the evolution of this community from human to robot. We can save the Earth together by destroying the one parasite that is bringing it to its knees.

I'm happy to serve as moderator-ator as long as you all are happy to serve as my robot army.

[NOTE: But seriously though, I'm really happy to be moderator-ator again. And I was totally serious about making you a robot. The options are close to endless when it comes to Automatron, so if you want me to build you as a robot in my savefile of Fallout 4, be sure to comment below and I'll eventually make a card with screens of all of us being all post-apocalyptic robot-y. Just let me know what kind of robot you'd like to be!]
Congratulations, moderator-ator! :)
@paulisadroid Yay! 馃榾
@LAVONYORK, Geth forever! We are Legion!
Congratulations @paulisadroid aka lead Geth! Lol
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