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trying to explain anime to my grandma

My grandma asked my what I was watching one day and I of course I say anime. she goes "who's anime?" I'm just like "what?" she says louder think I didn't hear her. like no grandma I'm am right here no need to yell. My sister comes over and tells me that he think my grandma think anime is really anny may like a person. I explain to her that's a type of shows that are animated. My grandma goes "whats animated?". My grandpa sitting right next us thinks it's also okay to yell to make sure we can here him and goes " it's cartoon!". I go "its not a cartoon!" my sister just tells me to give it up and im think she's right because this is the 5th time I have tried to tell her what anime is! "yes grandma it's a cartoon". Then she shakes her head like she finally understands then says" so what season are you on? ". *hand hits face* " no grandma it's not one show". Then my grandma just goes " so how do you spell it? I'm going to look it up when I get home cuz I still really don't understand ".
lol @gxilty I know what you mean😆
@BlackoutZJ same lol. mainly cuz i have to explain in spanish and there really isn't a word for anime so i have to say "Japanese cartoons" >-< xD
@gxilty the only way old folks would understand to be honest tho it really pains me when I explain it like that lol
...i just say cartoons lol
I just tell her a bit of the show anime is hard to explain
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