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So the reason it's taking so long for us to post this again is because we're really trying to make it even more amazing than it was before! To do that we have to really be honest with ourselves about how well each chapter was and what we could work on. We're not even past chapter 5 yet, because I'm honestly so picky and I keep finding things I don't like about the story. -Has written chapter 1 at least 6 times already- The good news is we've decided to expand some scenes so chapter 10 might be chapter 20 by the time we've gone through and fixed it all. (Chapter 6 is not going anywhere. I've written that 5-6 times before I posted it on vingle >~< ) I'm just letting you guys know that we haven't forgotten about you. So please don't forget about us! We are STILL looking for an artist, and we've had some people interested, but no one really has the motivation to actually do it if you know what I mean. So we still have that so if you are and artist or you know an artist please let me know! It is a need! You never know.....this might be the thing that makes you not have to go to school anymore XD who knows. Because I do believe in paying you. When we do find an artist we'll be able to sell merchandise like t-shits and bookmarks and all kinds of things ^_^ Well that's all I had to tell you guys. Leave your questions or concerns in the comments! Thanks for reading!