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I just want to put this out.....I am so glad I gave Day6 a fighting chance!!! Rookie group and already so much has happened....I told myself not to get into them but then I accidently heard Congratulations and well I was hooked! New album came out today (in korea...tomorrow technically for me) damn....the video was amazing! Trying so hard to fight the tears watching it in the library T~T The album in general is amazing....while the title song is slow the rest of the album is just loud!! So much happy thoughts and an all around good feel...I have to say First time is one of my faves apart from the title song. Hope you all support this band (and any rookie group) they deserve the best! So happy that they will perform in music shows now!!!
ajaja tu heading is great!! (I'm still mopping the floor for my feels ㅠㅠ)
I almost cried watching the MV in school omg
literally the empty keyboards killed me