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Was bored found many screen shot games....although a few weeks old some of them. Here's the first one!!!
Class president How did the alien get elected??? Tae must be smart verrrrryyyy deeeepppp inside.
Teacher helper Actually saw this coming....ChimChim looks like someone who would always want to help them (also in general)
My new friend My second bias is my friend!! We must have bonded over our love for sleeping and music!!!
The joker You see this seems more like Tae!!! Also Hobi as well!!
Future bf after three months THE GOLDEN MAKNAE!?!?! Yes I do love you and look forward to being with you - hides away from Jimin-
The one who fell for me at sight That's also the reason he may have become my friend.....
The guy who also fell for you at sight No namjoon! You belong with eomma Jin!! Can't be cheating on your wife like that!!