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Hello Hello Hello!! Since I ended the first round of Diamonds I thought I would take a chance to start up a new story before I go along with the second part of Diamonds. Since I had a lot of people tell me that they liked the fact that I wrote about 2PM I decided to make my supernatural story involving them! This will be another longer story line and I hope you all enjoy Zara and Nara as much as you loved Nanami.
This story will flop from Zara's point of view (She is our main character) over to her sister, Nara. I hope you all will enjoy this story.
Our first chapter here is a long one because I decided instead of cutting it into two or three parts I would just go all the way until we meet the boys.
Let me know what you all think! Oh, and I have yet to decide who are leading man will be so keep your eyes pealed for your favorite pairing.
WARNING: Language and violence... as of now that is all I know for sure will let you know if there are other things to watch out for...
Also... this is a FANFICTION. In no way do my characters personalities actually match the real group of 2PM. I do not know them personally so I do not know how they actually act. Please keep in mind this story is fiction and if you do not like the way I have portrayed your bias I apologize. Thank you!
The music thumped loudly through her skull, and she slowly sipped her wine as she watched the young people on the dance floor. She was always fascinated with how different this generation was from the one she grew up with. Her long hair fell into her face and she absentmindedly pushed it behind her ear setting her glass down on the bar.
She couldn’t remember how many years she had been coming to this club. Once upon a time she used to sit and drink her wine while listening to the lovely sounds of jazz music, but those times were long gone. Now the once classy spot was a raving dance club. Honestly she didn’t mind the change, she had grown very used to things changing around her and sometimes a change of scenery was welcomed.
“Come back for a visit I see.” She looked up and smirked at the tall blonde standing before her.
“Anna, so nice to see you again.” The woman named Anna smiled back at her and nodded.
“I figured it would be another decade or two before you came back into these parts.” Anna helped herself to a seat and looked over at the crowd.
“Zara wanted to come visit us early.” Zara and Anna both turned to look at the new voice. “She has always been unpredictable.” Reaching out he took Zara’s hand and kissed the top of it. “Nice to see you as always.” He smirked down at her.
Zara chuckled and pulled her hand away from him. “And as always it is not so nice to have run into you so soon into being back Jarid.” She watched as he dramatically threw his hands over his heart and pretended to be offended. “Where is Nara?”
“She is off being a teenager as always.” Anna answered simply waving her hand to catch the attention of the bartender.
“Suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised by that. She wasn’t expecting me to drop in.” Zara smirked. Her kid sister was sure to throw a fit when she found out Zara was back in town. If she was being honest with herself, then she could name off dozens of people who wouldn’t be happy she had decided to cut her latest trip short, years short if she was being technical.
“Would you like me to call her?” Jarid asked brightly.
Zara smirked and shook her head. “No,” Picking up her glass of wine she smiled deviously down into the deep red liquid. “I think I will let her have a fun night before the big bad kitty cat drags her back into the den.”
Anna laughed and nodded taking a sip of some kind of frozen fruity mixed drink she had dubbed as this month’s flavor. “I would hate to be your sister.”
“She wouldn’t hate it so much if she ever listened.” Zara leaned back in the chair and looked over at Anna. “Why else would I have cut my trip short to come back?”
“Oh?” Jarid looked intrigued. “What did the little hell cat do this time?”
Zara thought back to the conversation she had, had only a few days before….
“Zara, I am only telling you because it is you. Your sister is trying to follow in your footsteps.” The voice paused and Zara listened to his breath growing heavier. “She came to the spot tonight and begged Nick for a job.”
Her jaw clenched and before she had even spoken back, she was already throwing her things back into her bag. “Tell Nick I am coming back, and if he even thinks about giving her a job I will personally rip his throat out.” With that Zara had clicked the phone off and headed out to the international airport.
Looking up at Jarid she spun her glass gently the liquid swirling around slowly. “She went to talk to the one person in this town she was not supposed to.” She watched as Jarid’s and Anna’s eyes grew round.
“She went to talk to Nick?” Anna had moved in and was looking at Zara more amazed than anything. “And you are just sitting here instead of ripping his head off or locking her up?”
“Word spreads fast in this town.” Zara pointed over her shoulder without even turning around. A group of people stood together pointing in her direction and whispering. “Before the sun even comes up in the morning they will both know I am here, and they will both know why I am here.” She smirked and took a sip. “And when they run?” She chuckled to herself. “Then that gives me reason to chase, and you know I love the chase.”
Anna visibly shook and moved back away from Zara. “Geez Zara, I know you are the top in your field, but I am starting to wonder if you like it a bit too much.” She picked up her fruity concoction and sipped lightly on the straw. “You aren’t going to kill your sister right?”
This made Zara laugh. “No, but if she has even tried to pull off a job, I will make her wish I would.” She turned her attention back to the crowd. No one knew how Nick would react to Zara having come back so soon, but she was sure he would either be extremely happy, or he would be worried.
His blood stained lips looked down at the pink haired ‘sixteen’ year old at the other side of the table. Unlike her sister who was cruel enough that even he, the leader of the gang, wouldn’t cross her, Nara was flirtatious and could get what she wanted by using her body, she tended to lack in the brain cells unlike Zara though. Both sisters had minds that worked towards one goal, getting what they wanted, and for him… that was either an advantage, or his own death sentence. He smirked to himself, if Zara knew he was sitting at dinner with Nara, he would have hell to pay, but thankfully, she was far away traveling for the next decade or so.
The sisters were the last pair of shifters he had seen in hundreds of years. He had met Zara sometime in the renaissance when he had mistaken her for a bar wench and ended up with a boot to the face, and Nara? She was a bit younger. From what he knew shifters didn’t tend to age quickly and Zara who was technically a few hundred years old herself, didn’t look a day over 26. Nara was the youngest and though she was pushing 75 she looked no older than a 16-year-old high school student.
Since his chance meeting with Zara she had been working for him. She was ruthless and sneaky, both traits that made using her for an assassin an easy decision. She would always work for a few decades then take time off, which usually consisted of a couple decades just traveling until she got bored and came back home. Nara, idolized her sister. She wanted to be just like her. He never understood why she would love the fact that her sister killed people for a living, but Nara was strange. She had always been a bit off and he knew one day he would make her a part of the gang. He hadn’t been able to before now, because Zara was pretty clear that if he even tried to recruit Nara, she would rip his throat out and watch him bleed. Nick wasn’t sure if that would kill him but he decided he didn’t want to try it and find out.
“So when are you going to give me a job?” Nara piped up from the other side of the table. “I am old enough to do it now.”
“Patience little one, we still need to train you before we send you out into the big bad world on your own.” He couldn’t help but admit that he loved her enthusiasm. She was full of emotions and wasn’t afraid to show what she was feeling or say what she was thinking. In other words, she was completely opposite from Zara. He shook his head. Zara was good at her job but he was never able to read her reactions or thoughts until it was too late. She had mastered the art of manipulation and knew how to deceive better than anyone he had ever met. That alone made Zara dangerous.
“I don’t need training; I am better than my sister ever was.”
Nick let out a snort of amusement. “I highly doubt you are better than your sister dear.” He took another drink from his blood filled glass and flashed a bloody fanged smile at the girl. “You aren’t there yet, but you will be.” He doubted his own words, but he knew for his own purposes that Nara would be much more useful.
“Sir?” Nick looked up at the man who had come into the room and shot him a glare.
“What have I told you about interrupting me when I have guests over?” Nick hissed a hint of anger in his voice.
“I didn’t think this was something you would want to wait to hear.” The man said with a trace of fear in his voice.
Nick rolled his eyes and motioned for the man to continue. “Well out with it. I was in the middle of a discussion.”
“Sir… Zara was spotted downtown in the Hole.” The glass in Nick’s hand slipped out and broke against the floor. It only took him a moment before his face went back to being nonchalant and he pretended to not be worried. Nara on the other hand had become pale. She had done the one thing her sister had warned her about… there was no way Zara was just stopping by to say hello. Nara knew she was in for it… Zara had found out from all the way across the world, and she was here to remind her little sister why you never ignore her warnings.
The moonlight cast pale shadows on the world below while the stars twinkled dimly in the city lights. Zara stood next to her car and looked up lost in thought. After everything she had told her sister why would she decide to go against her and try to live the same life she did? Zara had to admit that over the years she had grown numb to her own work and though it wasn’t the most glamorous job, it was hers. She had gotten too far into the game to get out now, but she would be damned if she let her little sister follow in her footsteps.
An angry sigh escaped her lips and she shoved her key into the door to unlock it. There was no more stalling needed. She knew that they had heard about her being back, just like she had heard that Nara was at Nick’s house for dinner. It was time to pay the two hardheaded brats a visit.
The sound of rocks being crunched under the weight of the car was the only sound she heard when she pulled up to the large house that Nick called home. She was not surprised when she didn’t see any guards at the gate or the front door. Whenever she was coming over Zara had noticed that all of the guards in the house were standing in the room with Nick. She smirked and shook her head. Most people would think that Nick had the advantage as a vampire, but even Nick knew that Zara was more dangerous than he could be. She knew all of his weakness’ and she was not afraid to use them to get what she wanted.
Zara pulled up behind her sister’s pink convertible and shook her head. They knew she was coming and yet they both had the guts to wait for her to arrive. She clicked her tongue and headed for the front door. The door opened before she even reached it and she watched as the man that had called her on the phone days before bowed down to her. She only nodded her head and made her way for the dining room.
Zara sauntered into the room a smirk forming on her face as she watched the guards tense and Nick look at her half surprised, half worried. “Zara dear, how nice to see you back so soon.” He smiled and raised his glass at her.
“Cut the crap Nick, where is Nara?” Zara moved over and sat in one of the many chairs around the table making herself comfortable.
“She isn’t here.” His voice shook but only barely.
Zara chuckled and smiled up at him. “Oh? Then when did you start collecting pink convertibles with a license plate that says BITCH?” She moved to rest her head on her hands her elbows pushing into the wood of the table. “I never took you for the lying type Nick. Now where is my sister?” She watched as the already pale vampire searched for the right words. “Five,” The moment she started counting she watched his lips move but no sound came out, “Four,” Sometimes people thought that Zara was the real leader of their gang. She had the power to run it if she wanted, but she hated being tied down. “Three,” Nick had regained his composure and stood looking at Zara defiantly. This only made the smile on her lips widen. “Two,”. At the ring of two no one had time to blink before a knife went sailing across the room and stuck into Nicks neck.
Zara stood up and walked over to him as his body crouched over in pain. “One. You know you should really listen to me more.” Reaching over, she pulled her knife out of his neck and used his own shirt to clean it off. “I hope you just ate, because if that little wound killed you I would be very disappointed.”
“Zara stop it!”
Zara turned around and smiled at her little sister. “There you are Nara. I was wondering where you had hidden yourself.”
Nara stood her eyes darting from her sister to Nick. “Why did you stab him?”
Zara shrugged her shoulders and stuck her knife back into her pocket. “I really don’t like it when people lie to me you know. Why are you here Nara? I told you not to get involved with him and the gang.”
“I want to be a part of the gang with you Zara! I am just as good as you are.”
A snort was the only sound Zara made as she walked around the table to stand before her sister. “You are just as good as I am? You have a lot to learn little sis if you think you can handle what I have done in my life so far.” Zara shook her head. “Let’s go home Nara. We will continue this conversation later.”
Zara reached out to grab her sisters arm and pull her with her. She had only gotten a few steps when a burning sensation filled the right side of her body. “What the hell?” She turned back and looked at the grief stricken look on Nara’s face.
“I’m sorry Zara, I am so sorry.” She watched as tears slipped down her sisters face and she took a few steps back.
Every nerve in Zara’s body felt like it was on fire and she reached over to pull the syringe out of her side. A little bit of the silver liquid was still in the bottle and she knew just what she had been injected with. “changer” every shifter knew about this liquid. If used on a shifter it caused them to change into their weakest form for a long period of time. No one knew how long because as far as Zara knew Nara and her were the only shifters left.
Zara’s purple eyes grew round as she stared at her sister in disbelief. “Wow, you did better than I thought you would have.” Nick walked up to place an arm around Nara. “Now once she is changed we can kill her and you can have her job.”
“What!?” Nara looked up at him in shock.
“What? Did you think I would just give you her job without proving you could do it?”
The burning in her veins became too much and Zara let out a grunt as she fell to the floor. The one person she had trusted and let her guard down with had ended up being the one to lead her to her destruction. The feeling of changing took over her body and Zara let out a loud hiss. In the movies they made shifters look cool, like they could do it in an instant and it would be painless. Zara could change quickly now, but she wasn’t able to master the painless part. It hurt like hell to have your body change and your bones break and then reshape into another form. Within minutes a tiny black kitten sat were Zara once was. She let out a hiss of anger. Zara’s strongest form was also her weakest. Her strongest form was a large jaguar fully grown with sparkling white fangs and long slicing claws, but her weakest was that same jaguar, just as a kitten.
Realizing that she was in trouble Zara made a break for it. She needed to get out of the house and find somewhere to lay low until she was able to shift back into human form. Nara didn’t move an inch but Zara knew she would be able to take care of herself if she needed to.
Zara’s tiny paws slid across the tile floor and she ran towards the front door. The same man that had let her in eyed her his eyes looking as if they would pop out of his head. She hissed at him and he quickly scrambled to open the front door. With a burst of energy Zara took off into the night. She needed to find somewhere to stay until the ‘changer’ wore off and she could make a plan to kill Nick and punish her little sister.
She had been running too long. Nick’s house was far from sight and she figured she had been running for hours already. Her little legs ached and she remembered why she never chose to stick in animal form for too long. Since her muscles were not used to running like the animals she turned into it was always harder for her to do anything.
‘I should be far enough.’ Zara thought to herself. Since she was stuck in this form she would have to find somewhere else to stay until her body was back to normal. Going back home would be bad since she knew Nick would have a guard there in hopes she would return. Not for the first time that night she swore in her head that she would make him pay dearly for all this crap.
With a huff she sat on the sidewalk and decided she would work through what Nara had done later, but now she needed to get off of the streets. Even though it would be hard for Nick to find one black kitten in a city of kitties she didn’t want to be the black cat he found by chance. Her purple eyes were enough to give her away at just a glance. Since she couldn’t talk in animal form there was no way she could just show up at Anna’s or Jarid’s place because neither of them would let her in without her proving it was her.
She had been so lost in thought that she hadn’t noticed the group of men making their way over to her. One of them spotted her and ran up to pick her up off the sidewalk. Zara’s eyes widened and she tried to escape thinking it was Nick and his men. “Woah kitty, calm down.” She finally focused on the man holding her when she didn’t recognize his voice.
“What did you find this time Junho?” Zara looked around at the six men gathering to look at her and pet her head. “Oh wow she is a beauty.” One man said.
“Look at her eyes, they are purple.” Another added quizzically. “I have never seen a cat with purple eyes before.”
The one holding her beamed brightly at the others. She figured his name must be Junho. “We will take her home with us. We can’t leave such a young kitten alone on the streets, a dog could eat her.”
The men looked like they wanted to argue but gave in. Zara on the other hand began to panic. If she turned back into a human while with these men then her cover would be blown, but if she stayed here on the streets then Nick was bound to find her. As if on cue she watched a car drive by slowly and a familiar face looking out the window. Closing her eyes tight she bit her tongue and cuddled up close to the man holding her, letting a soft meow out. “Awe she is too cute, come one we will take you home and decide what to do tomorrow.”
“Should we really take in a pet?” She heard one of the men whisper.
“You try telling Junho he can’t save the kitten.” Another replied the first only nodded and agreed with a soft ‘yea you’re right’. Zara once again wondered how she was going to kill Nick as the boys took her into a strange apartment.
They set her down on the floor as they took off their shoes and she started to explore the house for escape routes. All she needed to do was pretend to be a sweet little kitten until she changed back and she could get out of here. It wasn’t until she walked back into one of the bed rooms and meowed at the man picking her up and setting her on the bed that she realized that this wasn’t going to be as easy as she thought. She looked around the room and let her little kitty eyes widen as she took in the sight of three half naked men throwing their dirty clothes at each other and arguing over who would be doing laundry.
Her little heart pounded as she climbed under the covers before the boys lost any more clothing. If Nick didn’t kill her, then she was pretty sure the group of handsome men she decided to stay with probably would. ‘Get a grip Zara.’ She scolded herself mentally. ‘You are way older than these boys and it’s not the first time you have seen a naked man.’ She was sure she was more embarrassed because they had no idea she was actually a woman just in cat form. They didn’t know they were giving her, her own personal strip show. She shook her head and almost hissed when a hand came from nowhere and pulled her out from the covers. “Let’s get you some water.” She looked up at the man holding her and wished she had the ability to ask their names.
“I already got her water Wooyoung, it’s in the kitchen.” She recognized the voice as that of Junho.
‘Okay so Junho and Wooyoung,’ now just to figure out the other four’s names and she would be set. At least then she would know who to send the flowers too when she was out of this place. After she finished drinking her water she moved to go lay down on the couch for some much needed sleep. As soon as she had laid down a large hand reached down and grabbed her. “Come on, you can sleep in here with us.” She looked up at the man she had yet to learn the name of.
“Why is she going to sleep with you Jun.K Hyung?” Junho whined.
“Because you might squish her in your sleep.” With that Jun.K laid down and pulled her close to his chest. She could hear his heart beat and she snuggled close to him letting the sound lull her into a deep sleep.
Let me know what you all think. Thank you for reading it and I hope you enjoyed it!
Let me know about tags as always!
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