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Oops forgot to tag the original owner on the last one!!! Game belongs to @AlexErica Love these games!
Yes...I always dreamed of this! He would make a wonderful friend and imagine all the stuff we would do! Visiting the boys, supporting them, having fun, etc.
Does that mean I love him?? Oh, shucks Yoongi!!! My cute little bear!! -suddenly feels bad for Yoonmin couple-
아니!!!! Not the maknae! -is drowning in feels- Sorry Jimin!!!! -Jimin starts yelling running towards me- 'Jungkookie is mine!' 'No I am sorry!! Get away'
-continues to drown in feels- I am almost gone guys....this is too much!! Tae....T~T
-is down in the ocean floor- Guys...I am okay...this is not that bad....My Hope!!!!
It all worked out nicely.... -is calm despite being on the ocean floor and having a phobia- Its okay.....