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And my family have been posting kpop memes galore on my fb page and sending me some through text haha I love my family 😁
Also my boyfriend got me these two shirts as a present! He was going to get my Suga as well but they sold out in my size. I'm just glad I now have BTS shirts haha
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@minimanim3 haha thanks and I hope so!
my bf would never in a million years. buy me a jungkook shirt aha. he saw me wearing my BTS jungkook shirt and he said. that is the ugliest shirt h have. lol he's just jealous I show more affection for my BTS babies aha
@SongHyunah he never wanted to get me one at first but he finally caved haha he's starting to like them too since I show him so much stuff on them haha
Happy birthday!!!!
@merryjayne13 thank you!