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The news right now is covered with election stuff, because, well, it's important stuff. But while the candidates are working on how to get elected, you also need to prep and learn more to figure out how to vote. Or at least where you stand on the issues in conversation today.
Here are some awesome apps that will help you with just that!


Answer a few questions on what you believe in. And it'll give you a political candidate that aligns with those beliefs. It's really simple and it only takes a few minutes. So even if you don't go into extensive research, you can know a little bit about the candidates platforms.


This app takes things a bit further, allowing you to dive into what congress is up to. And making it easy to contact and keep an eye on your member. It gives profiles of the presidential candidates, but also reminds us to check-up on our local peeps. It also allows you to see what bills are being debated and voted on. Pretty neat stuff, eh?


This app is probably my favorite on the list. And although, it isn't related to the election-- it DOES help you decide where you stand a lot of controversial issues. It also provides a platform for you to see where other people stand on things too. You never know how you feel about something until you are asked!

What are you doing to prep for the 2016 elections??