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I haven't wrote a Jin imagine in a while so here's one. Its kinda sad in the beginning but its mostly fluff.
*Dedicated to my fellow Jin lovers @JinsPrincess86 and @MichelleIbarra*
You jolt in surprise as your alarm blares in your ear, waking you from your not so peaceful slumber. You groan rubbing your eyes thinking of what today is and what lies in store for you.
With the alarm still blaring you close your eyes wishing it was still Spring Break. You wish your boyfriend didn't have to leave. You wish he was still here....with you. Tears start to swell up already threatening to spill and you tiredly slam the snooze button on your alarm. You missed him.....
You and Jin had been together for almost wo years and yet it all felt like it was just yesterday he had nervously came up to you and asked asked you out. You could tell he was nervous but you weren't expecting him to vomit all on your shoes. But in the end, after the many sincere apologies, you had accepted his request. I mean of course you knew he was in the famous boy group, BTS. He had introduced you to them after a month of being together. You also knew how hard it was maintaining a relationship with an idol as popular as him. But you two decided together that it would work out. And for the most part it has.....well at least that's what he thought.
Without the sound of the blaring alarm the house has taken a deadly silence and you couldn't help but feel lonely as you groggily sit up and walk to the bathroom.
You stand under the hot water of the shower letting it fall on you unable to feel complete without his presence there. The water drips down your face mixing with your tears that you no longer hold back.
You had always lied to Jin. As much as you understood his situation and the costs of having this relationship you couldn't help the immense pressure on your heart that never left when he wasn't there by you. All the times he asked if you were alright you smiled and reassured him not wanting him to pass up his opportunity because you knew he would.
You missed him and you wanted him. But he was gone now, back again working. And at the airport when he asked if you were going to be alright you stood there and lied.....
"Yeah!! Of course I'll be alirght. Go do your thing honey."
Jin looked at you with doubtful eyes but nodded. The airport was surprisingly empty but it was still early. His flight was due in five minutes.
"Alright then... Promise me you'll do good in school? College can be tough and dangerous." He said grinning. He more than knew how capable you were on your own but still loved teasing you.
You pouted at him. He knew how much you hated it. "Yah!! Do I have to remind you about the countless times I saved you from a burglar. You seemed like the damsel in distress then."
He laughed and tucked a stray of hair behind your ear. "I love you...." He bent down and kiss you softly. "My princess."
You resist the urge to hold on to his hand as he lets go of it reluctantly leaving you standing in the airport alone.
You're brought back to the present shivering as you've realized the water in the shower has turned cold. You turn it off quickly wondering how long its been.
You hold your hand instinctively waiting for him to hand you a towel like he usually does. Your heart sinks in remembrance and you grab the towel yourself.
As you open your closest you grab clothes halfheartedly. Its not like there was anyone you had to impress anyway. You suddenly think of Jin and how he would scold you for dressing shabbily.
"Appearance is what they see first princess. You have to make sure you always look respectable or people will just walk all over you."
You smile sadly recalling the mini-argument you both had that day. But like always it ended with you accepting that he was right and Jin apologizing because he knew you were upset.
The memory fades away as the more recent one takes it place of him walking away from you in the airport. You feel a stab of regret as you put on the mismatched clothes. He's not here now so it didn't even matter to you.
By this time the alluring smells of breakfast would be drawing you near the kitchen where Jin would be waiting with breakfast already prepared.
"Its the most important meal of the day Y/N. You have to eat enough so you can do your best during the day." He would say as you both ate.
"Yah!! You're just trying to get me fat so you can take care of me forever aren't you?" You would joke.
He would smile guiding another spoonful of food to your mouth. "Well that wouldn't be so bad would it?"
You wipe the tears with your sleeve as you stand in the doorway of the kitchen staring into the empty room. You don't even want to step foot in the room and just decide to skip breakfast and head straight for school. You didn't have a class until a few hours late but the memories were becoming too much for you.
You search for your bag remembering how Jin would always be waiting for you by the door. You start to drift off you into your memories again missing the way he held you, the way he kissed you, the way he said he loved you. You shake your head as if all the heart wrenching memories will fall out of your head.
You desperately hurry to the door with your head facing the floor not even caring about your bag as you open your apartment door.
"Forgetting something Princess?" A voice rings in your head and you think its just another memory. But you turn your head and see your bag hanging on those long, slender fingers.
You close your eyes calling yourself crazy inside your head. Now you were even picturing him in reality. You jump as a hand caresses your face sending shivers down your spine. It couldn't be......could it?
You open your eyes slowly and see your boyfriend, Kim Seokjin with a worried expression on your face. "Aiisshh. Are you crying because of me? I'm sorry Y/N." He runs his thumb up your face wiping your tears. "I guess you missed me more than you thought huh?"
You lean in the touch and into him and for a while you two just stand there holding each other. Of course you were confused as to why he was here right now but as of now you could care less. All you cared about was the reassuring whispers he murmured in your ear and the kisses he peppered on your face as you thought about the memories. The precious memories......

Did I succeed in making you guys get the feels??? Lol let me know xD

omg.......this man.......I just wanna hug him tightly!!!! I love Jin-Oppa!!!!
My hearteu. I'm in love with this. ❤
Why would I play "I love you" cover by Jin while reading this ;-; (난 너를 사랑해)
Happy Birthday!!! @sugajin94
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