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It's pretty obvious when you're being a jerk.

But let's pretend for a minute that the people out there sending inappropriate messages really have "no idea" what they're doing isn't ok. Luckily for them, this handy guide details just a few of the things you shouldn't say to another person, but especially another Vingler! Vingle is awesome because it's pretty jerk-free. I've been here for months and I've seen maybe one or two trolls, and they've been shut down pretty quickly. Harassment is so rare- which is awesome- and we need to keep it that way! So let's make it clear right now what the community is about- and what it won't stand for.

And to all the jerks out there: Keep lurking.

*warning for mature language*

1. "You should kill yourself."

That's not funny. That's not an appropriate response to a disagreement. That's not an acceptable thing to say to another person. Nobody should have to "grow a thicker skin" just so you can go around saying shitty things. It's nobody's fault but yours that you're a jerk.

2. "I want to f--- you."

There's a vibrant and active community of people who think it's appropriate to make random sexual demands of strangers. It's the comment section of porn hub. You know this isn't how to talk to someone. You've made ZERO friends talking to people like this. You're not "socially awkward", you're a jerk.

3. Donate to my/buy my/give me money.

If you're selling something, try craigslist. If you're raising money for something, try gofundme. There's a million OTHER places where you can market, advertise, or make money. If you don't care about us beyond our money, you're a jerk.

4. "If you don't do [fill in the blank] I'll kill/rape/stalk you."

Don't make threats like this. It doesn't matter that you'd "never really do it". If you're saying something like this to make someone feel bad or unsafe, you're a jerk.

5. "Learn to take a joke."

If you're saying this, it's because the person you messaged didn't like what you said to them. And instead of apologizing, or stepping away, you're blaming them for being upset with you. Protip: If you've said something similar to any of the above, it's no one's fault but yours that someone is upset with you. Jokes are funny and make people laugh. If the other person isn't laughing and is telling you to stop, it's YOUR sense of humor that's broken, not theirs.

What to do if you're being harassed?

First and foremost jerks want your time and attention. You have the power to not give it to them. BLOCK them. REPORT them. And get that bs out of your life! @InVinsybll has a great guide to the different ways to report and block a user---> HERE and I made one as well---> HERE. Nobody needs more jerks in their lives.
And if YOU'VE been blocked: It means that person does not want to talk to you. Nobody owes your their time or attention. Deal with it.
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I haven't seen any of these but man those are ridiculous........people are dumb jerks sometimes.