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Here it is folks. The movie everyone has been waiting for. How did it hold up? Um....not too good honestly. I didn't know how it would hold up considering the trailers and the fact that it was directed by Zack Snyder who directed Man of Steel. Yes, I don't like Man of Steel. Why? I'll save that for another review. Right now we're talking about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Here we go.
What was good? 1) Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Definitely the best part of this film is Wonder Woman's appearance in this movie. She's strong, smart, strategic, the 3 S's. Her fights were freaking awesome! She just comes in like "I got this, boys." Showing them who's boss. She's shrouded in mystery which will be unraveled in the Wonder Woman movie, which I can wait to see!
2) Ben Affleck as Batman. Put your guns down and hear me out. Now I know a lot of you believe Christian Bale is the superior Batman/Bruce Wayne (personally, my vote goes to Michael Keaton). To me, Affleck makes the better Batman, BUT Bale makes the better Bruce Wayne. Allow me to explain. Bale's Batman to me is...dumb. I can't take his "Batman voice" seriously. He does, however, make a good Bruce Wayne. He can be charming, funny, seductive, and cool. Despite Bruce being a dark, brooding man, in the public's eye he's a charismatic, billionaire playboy. That makes it harder for the public to believe that Bruce could be Batman, eliminating him as a suspect. I didn't get that suave charmer from Affleck. He was all brood, all dark, all anger to the point that I saw more of Daredevil from his title role...which yes I know sucks but that's the point I'm making lol. Affleck does make a good Batman, he fights like him, talks like him, serious and plotting, etc. This may also be a weird point but his jawline in the costume makes me think "Batman" lol.
3) Action. Yeah, the action was pretty decent. You get what you expect, Batman and Superman battling it out. Especially when Batman comes out in that Kryptonite exoskeleton. They're fighting on rooftops, Batman uses his gadgets, Superman uses his flight and speed. It's just awesome to watch.
And what was bad? 1) The Confusing Storyline. Yeah, it's kinda weird to keep up. Is Senator Finch the bad guy or Lex Luthor or both? And Finch decides to use Zod's Dna to create a bioweapon? Why does Luthor hate Batman and Superman? No one knows! Luthor's whole agenda for wanting to destroy Superman and put the 2 heroes against each other is unexplained. It's never touched upon not is it supported. His whole plan is a mess, I have no idea what he was trying to accomplish in the first place. The whole film itself is so unfocused, I don't know what the main plot point is. Yes, it's "Batman v Superman" and while there is a support to each heroe's claim why they want the other gone (Supes believes Bats is too aggressive and harmful, Bats believes Supes is to blame for the near destruction of Metropolis. I agree to both of these), there is no point as to why Luthor feels he wants both heroes to die.
2) Batman's Morale. Yes, I know I said Affleck Batman was good, but his character isn't very "Batman-like". Let me explain: Batman swears to never kill, to never cross that line, believing you must live to be punished. He will kick your ass and most likely send you to the hospital, but you'll still be alive. This Batman is just way too brutal. He straight up stabs a guy! That's not Batman-esque! Now I know that Batman from the B v S comic was pretty brutal, but I think the movie took it up a few notches too much. It felt like Jason Todd posing as Batman rather than Bruce Wayne Batman. It's like something in Batman snapped, but we don't know what caused it. There was no build up to this at all. Sure there were flashbacks....with absolutely no segway into them, but even they didn't make much sense. And of course, the first scene in the movie is the one scene we have all scene COUNTLESS times: Thomas and Martha Wayne's deaths in front of little Bruce. There was absolutely no need to make this scene. I'm pretty sure we all know the story by now. In a case like "Gotham" it makes sense, because the entire show takes place during his childhood. The other movies show that scene because it's about Bruce Wayne becoming Batman, it's his beginning. In THIS movie, Bruce has been Batman for 2 years already! There's no "beginning", so there's no need for it!
3) Lex Luthor. What the hell were they thinking? Not only is this bad casting, but it's a terrible portrayal! I knew he wasn't going to good since seeing the trailer, but man does he suck. I know he's supposed to be Lex Luthor's son, but even for his son, it was terrible. He was more Joker than Luthor. This was just bad casting, which is a shame because Jesse Eisenberg is such a good actor. He just wasn't right for the role. While I'm at it, as much as I love Gadot's performance as Wonder Woman, I wish that she had a bigger role. It seems like she was thrown in there with no purpose. Remove her character completely and you would see no difference.
4) Acting Too Marvel. I'm not sure how to look at this, but part of me is screaming "bad idea". At the end, Batman says he's looking for recruits to start a team....Avengers set-up much? I'm not saying there shouldn't be a Justice League movie because there should be. However, it seems like they're taking the steps much like Marvel did with the Avengers. I don't know how else they could go around it, but at the same time it feels like they're copycatting.
Alright so what do I think about this movie? It doesn't just get a thumbs down, it gets a Simon Cowell thumbs down! I think it's terrible. Especially if you've read the comics, you would walk out of that theatre disappointed. Zach Snyder needs to stop already. There's only 1 theme and that's grim and dark, which can work in some cases, but not all superhero movies need to be so damn depressing. The story is a mess, the characters are written badly, casting could be better (looking at you Eisenberg), and the plot...oh yeah there barely is one! It feels like everything was just thrown in and then attempting to find a way to make them connect albeit not very well. Don't waste your money. If you're curious to see how bad it is, wait at least a month or so and find it somewhere on the Internet. I'm sure it'll a appear on Netflix at some point too. Also what do you want me to review next week? Something old? Something new? Something good? Something bad? Let me know in the comments. If I don't get any requests by Thursday, I'll give out 2 options and you can vote which one. K? Fair? Goodie. Also, be sure to look out for @OctoberHymns review of the movie.
@ThePervySage the people saying Marvel isn't mature and has bad villains should sit down at watch Jessica Jones. I agree on some levels- so many of their villains have been totally unmemorable to me and it's starting to feel like 'the bad guy of the week'. Lots of great actors with very little complexity in the script. Honestly where I was most excited with DC was that they were going to do a Wonder Woman solo movie a full year before Captain Marvel.... even though Marvel has had several years' lead. But BvS wasn't gonna give me that. I know I'm not the target audience for this movie. I don't like Snyder's work, I don't really care about these two characters fighting each other, so I personally wasn't expecting much. I'm not surprised it made a boatload of money and I'm not surprised by the critical response either.
@redapple the aggressive Batman reminded of the Batman in the comics after the death of Jason Todd before Tim was introduced Batman became very vengeful and aggressive towards criminals they're idea was to use thelis version of Batman was to let people understand why Batman needs Robin in the comics.. In theory they might I have been playing on this in the movies something not done in the movies I personally loved this Batman and I agree he was the better Batman but I'm not sold on his version of Bruce just yet... There were a lot of issues in Batman v Superman but overall I liked it
@cardboardart They should have just done the Marvel thing and put out a few movies first. Batman and Wonder Woman would have been good in a movie together. What little screen time they had together, I liked their chemistry. It could have been a Bond type movie with him searching for the White Portuguese, and Diana could have been a foil in his plans. This mystery woman who keeps getting the best of him. They team up, and at the end find out that what Batman is searching for is kryptonite and that it is Lex's ship. Then let Super have a sequel or two. Then do BvS.
@cardboardart Why Jesse Eisenberg played Lex Luthor like that is beyond me. I was expecting him to at least be like how he was in The Social Network. But no. He did his best impression of Jim Carrey as the Riddler in Batman Forever. And don't get me started on the cameos. So let me get this straight. Lex knows who Superman is? Knows who Batman is. Knows who the rest of the Justice League is, and even took the time to make their logos? Why doesn't he just take all of them out?
My thoughts on the movie? It's not as profound as it thinks it is.
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