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Levi Addition 鉂o笍馃挓
M蜔o蜔c蜔k蜔i蜔n蜔g蜔: Can you even spell? V蜔i蜔o蜔l蜔e蜔n蜔t蜔 l蜔a蜔u蜔g蜔h蜔t蜔e蜔r蜔: HAHAHA You fool! The book is better! HAHAHAHA L蜔i蜔c蜔k蜔i蜔n蜔g蜔 l蜔i蜔p蜔s蜔: You want more? E蜔x蜔p蜔o蜔s蜔e蜔d蜔 D蜔i蜔s蜔g蜔u蜔s蜔t蜔: Go away pig. I'm not a kid. L蜔o蜔o蜔k蜔i蜔n蜔g蜔 d蜔o蜔w蜔n蜔 o蜔n蜔 s蜔o蜔m蜔e蜔o蜔n蜔e蜔: What did you say about my height, Asshole? G蜔a蜔j蜔e蜔e蜔l蜔's蜔 a蜔d蜔v蜔i蜔c蜔e蜔:You were a bit scary, ok? You need to work on your threats though. Levy~ That was so embarrassing!!
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Some of them look like a Yandere's expressions.
2 years agoReply
The third one is scary! lol
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I realized how beautiful Levi's eyes are because of this 馃挋鉂o笍
2 years agoReply
@AkiraItuha totally!! 馃槤馃槞
2 years agoReply
OMG so cute
2 years agoReply