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Well, if any of you have been keeping up with the Big Apple vs. FBI case. Here's a quick summary--
The FBI wanted to hack an iPhone to potentially get info about San Bernardino shooter. Apple, who said they didn't know how to do it, and also they don't want to be forced to hack into something they intentionally set up privacy around.
Here's more if you need it:

Well, the FBI has dropped the case now. And are reported they can hack the iPhone on their own.

What does things mean, again? Well, it raises a few questions.
First, who helped the FBI do this? Some are blaming former Apple employees, some are saying a third-party cyber security agency. Not maybe people are assuming that the FBI did it all on their own.
Second, are they going to share this with Apple? Well, that would give the FBI power and Apple the same power.

And lastly, what does this mean for future cases?

Big Corps versus the government! Who do we trust! Privacy versus safety! We are unclear what the legal precedent that was set here... Because the FBI just did it anyway. Maybe Congress will step in and say something, maybe they won't.
Until then...The privacy debate wages on. And the FBI hacks into more and more.
Cant believe the FBI hacked it.....its ridiculous the measures they would take to try to achieve anything that comes in their way. Of course safety is very important but what if this technology leaks out and lands in the hands of a wrong person!
@shannonl5 I guess the Justice Department already had a warrant to search the phone, but they didn't have the means to hack it. the problem was essentially forcing apple to do something in order for them to see inside. I think :)
I don't understand why they use the term "hacking". All it does is stir up fear and fights! I don't consider what the FBI wants to do as hacking as they are not gaining "unauthorized data" as they are authorized to the data in the phone by both the county and search warrant. All they asked apple to do is remove the wipe function after ten incorrect pass code entries. With that, Apple would have total control because in order to get in that way they would have to physically have every phone they want to get into. Im sad it's gotten to this place where there can be no middle ground. Government and the tech community must come to some middle ground because if not, so many more criminals and terrorists will continue to keep taking advantage of the divide.
they had a warrent. sorry but I'll let some government official look at my Facebook if it mean people will not die.
@mchlyang exactly, i think it sets a weird standard for the future, i'm wondering if congress will step in anyway! I hope so! at least to clear up what will happen in the future of these types of cases. @shannonl5 ugh. It's all a play on power now.
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