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I just remembered I bought tickets to see Into It. Over It. this week so I'm sorry if most of the songs that I write about are his for the next couple of days. But anyway, one track off their album Twelve Towns strikes a very particular chord on my heart-guitar. It's pretty vague so taking meaning from it has to draw from your own experiences and that's what I've done in the case of the song Cambridge, MA.
It's the first lyric and the last lyric of the song that really do it to me. Whether you're talking to your mom or a close friend, you always want to fill them in on your life. But these sort of things get harder, especially when they star tasking about people who aren't in your life anymore. You try your best and explain it with out opening old wounds but after the conversation you're still stuck in the position of thinking about someone who used to mean a lot to you.
I'd like to think that before writing this song, Evan had a conversation like that about someone who he isn't in contact with anymore. I know every time my parents or friends ask about a recent ex-friend or partner, I always try to tip-toe through the subject and then listen to this song after I hang up the phone.

Notable Lyrics:

If my mom knew she'd want to have a word with you. On the train ride up to Cambridge, she's always asking me what your life is panning out to be. As if I saw you more then she sees me. So I'll tell her about your cat. Your thousands of dollars in debt. And your plans to move back home. I'll take the time to explain our shows, the spy school and costumes. But I'll leave out the hang out of you and me.