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Have you all seen this video?
The one that will have you CRYING in 10 seconds?!
Here's a video that's been circulating all over the internet about how one father halted his daughter's wedding mid-procession so he could do one thing. You have to see the video!
Basically, the bride, 21-year-old Brittany Peck, was in tears prior to the wedding because she didn't know who she should have walk her down the aisle: her biological dad, or her step-dad.
Although the two fathers had a very strained relationship amongst themselves, Peck's step-dad assured Peck that it would be OK if she had her biological dad give her away.
And that was that.
Until, halfway down the aisle, Peck's biological father halted the wedding. With everything stopped, everyone was sort of caught off guard by the moment because it was so out of the norm.
That's when there was a collective gasp and tears streamed forth--FROM EVERYONE! Peck's biological father stopped everything so that he could grab her step-dad, who was seated, to join him in giving away Peck. Both men grabbed Peck, on each side of her, and the wedding started where it had stopped, only this time, both dads got to walk Peck down the aisle and give her away!
EVERYONE was crying, according to the photographer, who snapped the moments as they unfolded.
And of course, I'm crying too, just reading about this and seeing the photos!


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Awww such a good story!!