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Fall Out Boy's bassist, and occasional talking head Pete Wentz, has a lot of wisdom in him. Coming up through the ranks of pop-punk and cementing himself as a lyrical force to e reckoned with wasn't easy. Along the way he ran into a lot of problems, most of them stemming from himself. Here are some quotes that might help you in your time of confusion and self doubt as well.
This is a very important thing to remember. Sometimes we look for long lasting solutions to things that will pass in a few days, hours or even minutes. It'll be alright, you can get through anything if you just get your bearings and try. It's true. Some weeks it's too hard for me to even get out of bed, because of some issues I have with depression, but on the days I do...I'm proud.
It's important to know who these people are. They're your family, friends, parents, aunts, grandparents and more. You have to value your ride or die homies because people are fickle by nature and will turn on you in a second. Loyalty is not to be underestimated.
I'm still working on this, but putting positivity into the universe is an extremely powerful thing. If you can create good vibes, good vibes will come back to you. It's hard to cope with the day to day operations in life, but once we do, we can start to figure out how to be happy and why that's important.
No matter who you are, or where you come have idols: people who you look to for guidance and inspiration. People who can convince you to get through anything, people like the subject of this post. What's startlingly comfortable is the idea that everyone has no idea what they're doing...and to insinuate that you are any more or less than them is kind of stupid. We're all just wondering around trying to make sense of things.
And when all else fails, remember that if you don't like what's being said, you can change the conversation. If you want to change something about yourself you can do it. You can change the way you dress, the way you act...hell you can change your diet and your friends, but ultimately if you know anything about life, you'll realize that you can't change who you are. SO embrace it. Understand that every day isn't meant to be the best day ever. The good days wouldn't feel so amazing if everything was great all the time.
See! Wisdom!
I love Pete Wentz ❤️
@AnbuRose same! he is the best!
I love this man. ^_^