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Our BTS boys are always going from city to city, country to country, continent to continent, so they obviously must fly quite a bit. So the airport is certainly not an unfamiliar place to them. And when they go, they go in style.
Of course, this particular card will focus on our Jiminie's airport style. The last few cards got pretty steamy, so let's just enjoy some sweet Jimin. I am still trying to recover from his tongue yesterday, so let us just admire the beautiful Jimin with his tongue in his mouth...
He looks so cute in glasses!
Okay, so imagine just going to the airport, and seeing this. Some people have actually gotten to go to the airport and see this beautiful, beautiful human being.
Jimin is sporting his headphones!
Didn't I tell you to put that away!
Thank you.
Now here are some pictures of red and orange-haired Jimin at the airport! I especially like this first one here! He is so handsome!
Okay guys, so I need a little help, because I do not know what to do for tomorrow. Today's challenge reads "Bias at the Airport." Tomorrow's challenge reads "Bias' Airport Fashion." I would rather not do a repeat card. However, unlike yesterday's card and some future cards that I have changed, I do not have anything planned as a substitute. I was wondering if there was anything you guys would like to see that is not already on the challenge list that I could do instead. If you have any ideas, please let me know guys! Thank you!
he just makes me so happy 😁
Could you please tag me in the next ones? 😁
@CristinReynolds Me too! 😊
@resavalencia Thank you so much!!
@Defy24601 Yes!! That would be amazing! I look forward to seeing it πŸ˜„
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