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So this might sounds a little bit strange, but one of my family traditions is that we play BINGO. When I was a really young girl in East New York, I remember walking over to my tia's house with my abuela.
Just about every single weekend, my immediate and extended family will come together for drinks, music, dominoes, and BINGO. I remember loving the game so much, I'd ditch my cousins sometimes, just so I can sit on my abuela's lap...hoping I'd win a quarter or two -- just enough money to buy a bag a chips at the bodega.
I still love the game. It brings so many happy childhood memories. Today, the older women in my family still hold on to the tradition, rubbing a quarter between their tired thumbs, hoping to add a little more weight to the jar of coins they keep at home.

Do you have a family tradition?

Every autumn my family goes to the pumpkin patch, picks pumpkins, and then bobs for apples. I was never part of the tradition (I live on the other side of the country) until I moved to new york for university. It was a little weird to start the tradition in my 20s but its so fun! I couldn't go the past two years and it was such a bummer!
Loteria we play it every time the whole family gets together.