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Demon Eyes and all... Bwah ha ha ha! I am super excited to be Mod to this amazing community. I express my thankfulness to @VingleEnglish for not only creating this community but giving me the opportunity to become Mod for it. I am beyond greatful. Btw "Jackwagon" is my new coined SPN term! With becoming Mod for such a strong fandom that not only lives on Vingle, but a huge fandom chunk of the internet is a great responsibly that I hope I can carry on with the wayward sons here. Of course with the help of the Vingle Supernatural Community, with out anyone of you... There would be no SPN community for us to scream about Sam's hair. I mean seriously.. He must have some special sort of secret like Thor to keep those locks looking lovely, I don't even see a split end. I might have to tweet him about that. Now my Mod position has horsemen, you might have meet these lovely ladies @shannonl5 Mod of Marvel, @butterflyblu and @TiffanyWallace. They are here to help out and develop the community. My main rule when it comes to support team, they are Mods of this community as well. I would not trust just anyone to become a horsemen for this community. I believe the SPN fandom deserves greatness and that is what I recruit. Btw, my eye is always out for others to help this baby grow.

Who am I

I am L A Von York, I am kind, silly and just a riot. I am here to help people from all Vingle communities. My inbox is open to chat if you need something. I don't bite, however if you are rude and violating my guidelines that coincide with Vingle's rules and regulations, I have no problem reporting you, blocking you and writing a tasteful email to Vingle including screenshots of how and when you broke the clause. It's the age of the Geek baby and screenshots are fair game. Don't worry though before I use Thor's hammer, I would let you know. Seems fair? Right?

I am also found in the Marvel Community

@shannonl5 is the Mod over their and she is pretty much Mod here too. Remember what I said about how I pick my support. Anyway, in Marvel.. I am the Merc with the Mouth, sometimes I will invite you to a Marvel party! Trust me I have a big crazy scheme I am working on for us.. Woot woot.. The hint is DON'T BE SHY.

I parlay in the Funny Community..

That community is ran by @danidee, she is super awesome and I been told by another Vingler that I mingle with @buddyesd that she is a Pokemon. That sounds like awesome sauce, if it had a sound. I have a Wait What collection & an Archer collection that I pretty much dedicate to the Funny Wtf communities. Of course you guys are more than welcome to follow my finds lol.
What you can do so kindly Follow the SPN collections! ❄We have Supernatural Community games here! That's were all the games are and also the new game coming up will be featured there. ❄We have Supernatural Sickness collection here! You will find facts about the characters, debates (I'm cooking up one now.. Hint : it's about Crowley) facts, bios, memes and a bunch of other fun stuff. ❄ We have a talk area! Post up your favorite Supernatural Episode. Every Friday, I will try to continue to post up #SPNFeelsFriday for us and of course you guys can add too ❄We like ideas! Please shoot me a message or jot it down on this card. I love all my Vingle Family and I would love to continue to extend that family!
My Supernatural Family I love you! Within three days we went from 500 followers of Supernatural Community page to 600 + Boo-yah! Thank you so much.. You guys have no idea how hard it was to fight for this community. This in itself is wonderful and makes me want to push on.. And makes me eager. Again I absolutely love you all, without you there would be no SPN community.
nightmares 😱😱
dam autocorrect...
@shannonl5 I'm kinda sweat that way, ain't I?😁😁
@buddyesd lol I couldn't have done it without the sugar rush!
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