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heyy so imma try to start a new series, ish thing where I reccomend animes every tuesdays, or atleast try. And I'm going to try not to do well-known extremely popular animes (like bleach, a.o.t, tg, etc.) just for some people that are having a toughy deciding and have already watched all the mainstreams.
So my first reccomendation is one of my favourite light-hearted, school-slice of life, romantic comedy anime. It's 12 episodes long and it's called Acchi Kocchi or Place to Place
Tsumiki (the blue haired girl) is the main protagonist and the anime is just everyday slice of life times with Tsumiki and her friends. Each episode is 25ish minutes long, however it's split into two stories (kinda like adventure time, they split two stories in one episode) and it's very light hearted (Subbed) and there is so much comedy omg I was laughing my ass off the whole time, expecially with their relatables and their stupidity it's kinda like lucky star though I found this one more interesting because it had guys included as well.
here enjoy an AMV as well lol
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I loved this one ❤