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Is Algebra really needed to succeed in life?
A book by a New York City college professor says high schools in the U.S. should stop teaching algebra since it plays a big role in high school drop-outs. Others say algebra isn't the problem, the way it's taught is the issue.
So do we keep or dump Algebra in the school curriculum?
The big issue with the option of keeping or dumping classes is during their early years, many kids don't know what they want to do as a long term occupation.
I always knew what I wanted to do, and I knew that knowing or not knowing Algebra would play a difference. I would assume in some field the need of Algebra is high, but should every student have to sit through it?
Should schools do earlier testing to help kids find their way and cater classrooms to the long term occupation of kids in the long run?
In my high school we had 2 diploma tracks college prep and technical. The technical track didn't have have many math classes and we're below or at pre-algebra level. The college prep diploma is where all the algebra classes were at. To me this system worked since the dropout rate lowered each year. Also common core is the reason it's difficult for kids and that's what we need to get rid of.
@hhead232 yeah that's clearly not working and all the standardized tests are making people miserable and they barely measure anything
I for sure ended up needing it- though absolutely I'll agree and say that the way it's taught is alienating and extremely unhelpful. Honestly I had to re-learn some pretty basic stuff because the way it was taught made no sense to me. But yes, everyone needs to know basic mathematics, and I'd add statistics as well since stats are often used in really misleading ways