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There are several types of yoga, some of which I'm learning more and more about. Vinyasa has always been my go-to, but recently a good friend of mine recommended Yin Yoga. It's obviously better for more experienced yogi's but a beginners session of yin does wonders.
During typical yin practice you can hold a pose anywhere from two to 15 minutes per pose. You can image that it can be pretty strenuous, and as some might put it... boring.
When Vinyasa-ing, I found it easier to focus on the pose and moving from one to the next. Yin, since I'm in the pose for a long time, means a lot of thinking.
So what it becomes for me was an exercise in quieting my mind. I strengthening of my body as well as quieting all the noise "up there".
So far this practice has been terrifyingly frustrated but awesome. I've challenged myself to concentrate (while simultaneously not-concentrating) on one thing. I've push my mantra though all the mess and continued to work on it.

Has anyone else experienced yin? How do you quiet your mind?

I did yoga this morning and I feel so much better.
Quieting the mind can be pretty difficult and tricky. What I've done, doing my best to block everything out of my mind. Although at times my mind starts wandering away and that happens I pull it back to the present moment. I just have to keep on doing the same thing until my mind behaves. lol