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So I know I said this in another card last week but I just got into podcasts...and I am an addict! But not just to any podcast, I have found the one podcast that will have you reevaluating your life, broadening your horizons, and just reaching out to the rest of human kind. This podcast is called Risk.
Risk is a collection of stories, boldly shared in front of audiences around the country. And what's best, these crazy stories are all true; and all stories no one expected to ever tell aloud, let alone to a room full of strangers. But sometimes that's exactly what a person needs. The stories are heart breaking, their funny, their dark, but most importantly, they leave you grasping for the human connection that oozes from someone baring their soul to you. Take these stories and digest them. Let them change your perspective, let them destroy your norm. I implore you to check out a few episodes, all of which range from a sex worker talking about anal, to a man trying to mercy kill his failing mother. Anyone is welcome on Risk, even you.
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This sounds interesting.
@marshalledgar you have tooooo you'll LOVE THEM!! @nicolejb omg my friend was like my dad listens to this all the time on NPR ! @Patmanmeow LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN
Are these random people telling stories or just one person relaying the story?
@marshalledgar random people telling their own stories! Their usually live so you hear the audience !! They have shows and everything
@LizArnone hahaha reminding me that my interests are the same as middle-aged men XD