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Spoiler ALERT: Details in this post about Season Two of Daredevil. If you haven't finished watching the show, don't go through this card!
I'm new to this community so be gentle with me my fellow
I just finished Season two of Daredevil, and I have decided to run a bunch of cards on the series. Today's topic of discussion is: Did The DareDevil show writers choose the right love interest in Season Two?
I'm not sure if Karen Page was the right choice for Matt Murdock's love interest in Season Two.
For starters, it wasn't a natural merger. If anything, it seemed like at the end of Season one that she was leaning more towards Foggy Nelson. She has a fire about her, which is good, but has very questionable ways of getting results she desires out of situations.
She also seemed to struggle greatly with Matt. While she didn't know his secret identity, her trust seemed very thin with Matt. I wonder if her character was truly all-in in regards to the relationship with Matt Murdock.
In my opinion, Claire Temple (in real life, Rosario Dawson) was the right love choice for the Daredevil in Season Two.
I understand that they wanted to expand Karen's character in Season Two, but that didn't mean that she had to fall into the arms of Matt Murdock. From the door, it seems as if she struggled with Matt and the murky details on why he was always bruised and battered. Which is understandable, but something like that doesn't draw you closer to someone.
Wouldn't it have been easier for fans to digest the natural maturation of a relationship between Claire and Matt? She knew his deepest secrets and despite worrying for Matt, handled the situation very well. She was very resourceful and valuable to him as well. She was passionate and stood up for people (like the DareDevil does) when the time is right. I would've loved to see her character expand some more in this universe with the Daredevil.
What do you think, was Karen the right choice as the love interest of the DareDevil?
Matt/Elektra for life❤❤❤❤
@majahnNelson I agree, I thought it was forced and it also puts Karen In the damsel in distress role for the rest of the series. I would've liked to see her character merge out a bit more
I agree with you. The Karen|Murdock relationship seemed unnatural to me. Though I wouldn't be against Claire and Matt, I preferred the Matt|Elektra pairing that they had going on in the latter part of the season. I don't know. I just felt like that one was full of them accepting one another as they were and who they were. It warmed my heart seeing it. Plus, they would be quite the badass couple.
I loved everything except for Karen. I liked how they used Elodie's strengths in the show like her speaking French and being a martial artist (duh). I think I would've like that she wasn't adopted though. The Punisher was everything too. 8 seriously can't wait for season 3 and the Black Sky. Elektra is gonna kill it. I'm trying to make this short. I don't wanna ramble on.
@shannonl5 thanks for the well wishes and warm welcome in the Marvel community!
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