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Okay so pretend vampires can sleep. It'll add to the story.Also sorry for such short stories.

*Luhan's Pov* I was always nervous to ask Y/N if I could have some blood. She told me if I ever needed any to ask her since it was her idea to become my blood source. It saddened me after drinking her blood. I hated remembering how the sound of my fangs ripping through her flesh and the sounds of the blood flowing through my mouth as I drank. Sometimes I feared I would kill her. I never want that to happen, I cared to much for her. "Luhan, are you alright?" Her soft, gentle voice worked its way through my ears. "Yea, just deep in thought." I smiled at her. *Your Pov* "Yea, just deep in thought." He smiled. I smiled and sat next to him. "Do you need any?" I asked moving my hair away from my neck. He shook his head no. He didn't like the idea of me giving him blood. He told me he didn't want to accidentally kill me. Though he's stubborn, so am I. "Hannie, it's been 3 weeks since you had blood. Please drink some. You're hurting yourself when you don't." I frowned. He looked at me softly and finally agreed. His eyes turned crimson red and rested his head in the crook of my neck. His warm breath fanned over my neck before he lifted his head slightly and brought his mouth to my neck. He placed a gentle kiss before biting down. I gripped his shirt due to the pain of his fangs reopening his previous mark. He pulled away after a couple minutes and licked the blood running down my neck. When he was settled back in his seat he looked over at me with soft saddened eyes. "I know it's hard baby, but we just need to get used to it." I whispered, wiping the blood that was running down his chin. I pulled him in for a hug and comforted him. "Cuddle with me?" He said, sounding like a child. I nodded. He lied down pulling me on top of him, holding me closer. I knew he feared losing me. He had told me he was all alone before we had met. I looked up at him to see his eyes closed. His soft snores were the only sound heard. His chest rising with every soft, steady breath. I lied my head in the crook of his neck and let out a deep breath. Sleep slowly over coming my form wrapped in Luhan's arms. I closed my eyes, dreaming about what the future will hold for the both of us.
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