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The alarm had been going off for a while. An hour to be exact. Slowly I rolled over in my bed only to realize I had rolled too far. There was a loud thud as first my head hit the floor them soon the rest of my body. "Y/N!" A loud voice rang through the house. It was my mother. "Your alarm has been going off for an hour! Get up!" I lay on the floor contemplating whether or not to turn off the alarm or just continue laying there. Reluctantly I got up. I never was a morning person. I've always been a night owl. The kind of girl who locked herself in her room writing lyrics until 3am. Looking in the mirror was interesting. A long crusty line of saliva trailed from my mouth to the base of my neck. My hair wasn't much better. Somehow the ponytail I had tied to the left side of my head was now on the right. "I guess I should do something with myself." I sighed.
After cleaning myself up and eating breakfast I took the bus into the city. I was on a mission to see my father. He works in one of those big ridiculous buildings as a janitor. You know, the buildings with all the people in suits talking on their cellphones all day. My dad had asked me to join him at work today. It's a Sunday and no one would be there so I could help him clean. In return for the help he promised me a new set of notebooks. "Y/N! There you are!" I heard my father yell as I reached the 4th floor of the building he worked in. "Take this cleaning cart up to the 6th floor. There is a confrence room up there and I need you to clean it. Once you are done there is also a lounge and I need you to clean that as well. Here are the keys." He said as he walked away. "I love you too dad."I said sarcastically. My father always was a man of few words. Especially when it came to work. We had moved to South Korea when I was seven it was hard for my dad to function. He didn't have to work. My mother made all of the money. She's a research analyst and her job brought us to Seoul. My dad found being at home hard and took whatever jobs he could find. Finally settling here.
The conference room took a little over a half hour to clean. Once done I moved on to the lounge. As I went to unlock the door I noticed something strange. The door was cracked open slightly. Had my father beaten me to this room? Slowly I opened the door to see someone sleeping on one of the sofas. "I thought everyone was supposed to be gone." I whispered to myself. Shrugging my shoulders I began to clean the room. This room was taking a lot longer than the other. I sang a song to keep myself entertained, but not loud enough to wake the sleeping person. "That's beautiful, who's it by? I heard someone ask. I turned my head to see the person who had been sleeping was now awake and staring at me. "Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you, I was just cleaning. I'm done now I'll leave." I quickly added as I began to push the cart out into the hall. "No please! I want to know who wrote that song! The lyrics are amazing." The person pleaded. A pale hand grabbed my elbow. The fingers attached to the hand were beautiful. Long and slender fingers grasped around the fabric of my blouse at my elbow. I looked to the face of the person to see a beautiful face staring back at me. Staring back at me was a man with gray hair. He wasn't old, infact he looked about my age, which led me to believe the hair was a fashion statement. He smiled a gummy smile that made my heart skip a beat. "I did. I wrote the song." I explained. "It's really beautiful. Do you write a lot of songs?" He asked as he let go of my elbow. "A few." I added shyly. "Could I hear some of them?" He asked politely. "I don't think so, sorry." I replied as I quickly tried to rush out of the door. "Wait!" He exclaimed as he blocked my exit. He placed his hand on the door frame slightly above my head. His breath was hot against my face and his chest just inches from mine. For a moment I felt very intimidated. "Please? Just one more?" "I'm sorry but I don't even know who you are. What if you're some weirdo trying to steal my lyrics." I said bluntly. "I'm not trying to steal your songs." He added. "So are you a weirdo?" I asked. "No." He said happily. "I'm a song writer too. My name is Min Yoongi."
WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT? Chapter 2 will be out Thursday! Tell me what you think! Thanks for reading!
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