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Juno lets himself into Junsu’s hotel room with the key he stole the night before. He stares at his dongsaeng a minute, walks over and pokes him. Junsu simply swats at him like a fly and rolls over. Raising an eyebrow he picks up the phone and calls room service for a pot of coffee.
He leisurely wanders into the bathroom, whistling while he grabs the shaving cream. Walking back to the bed, a mischievous smile appears. He hasn’t been able to prank his dongsaeng in a long time. He squirts the shaving cream into Junsu’s hand, then starts tickling his face. Within seconds Junsu has done the predictable and slapped at the annoyance. He has now smashed and smeared shaving cream all over himself.
He sits straight up in bed, “What the hell?” while Juno sits on the other side laughing.
“I should really take a blackmail picture.”
“Juno, you are such an ass. Some days I really hate you hyung.”
He moves to put his hand to his head, rethinks and goes to the bathroom for a towel. The water runs for a minute and he shows back up at the door drying his hands. He squints at the light in the room.
“Why do I feel shit?”
Juno picks up the trash can to show him the empty bottles. “You had a little to drink last night. Make that a ‘few’ little's to drink,” he says as he smirks at his joke.
Junsu winces as a knock comes to the door behind him. “Get that would you? It’s your coffee.”
He opens the door, wincing more at the bright light from the hall. The porter looks over at him, “Looks like this is right on time.” He accepts his tip from Juno and leaves with a bow and a chuckle.
Juno pours out and hands over a cup. “Drink, you have a schedule to keep.”
After numerous cups of coffee and a shower, he feels more human than dead. The brothers head over to the rehearsal hall. On the way, Junsu continually checks his phone. He sighs and puts it back away.
“Not really, just wishful thinking I guess.” At Juno’s questioning look he explains, “We have a tracking device on her laptop.” When Juno looks offended he quickly explains, “The guards installed it when her stalker was emailing her. They said when she turns it on that they should be able to locate her.” He sighs, “I guess I was hoping she’d turn it on sooner rather than later.”
An idea begins forming in Juno’s mind. If he plays it right, it should work. He sits back with a smile, formulating his plan for the remainder of the ride.
During the rehearsal meeting, Junsu’s song addition from the night before is brought up. “Are you singing that song again tonight? A little advance warning is nice you know,” his manager complains.
Junsu looks over at him, but Juno interrupts before he can speak. “What’s the point in adding that song when she isn’t here to hear it?” Everyone looks over with interest at this new detail; earning him a glare from Junsu. “If you’re waiting for fan cams or something like that to post the video to Youtube, you could be waiting for over a year.” He glances around the table, noticing everyone’s sudden interest. “Come talk to me in the hall a minute,” he gestures and walks out the door.
When Junsu joins him he pulls his sunglasses down to stare him straight in the eye. “You like broadcasting my personal business to everyone?”
“You did that last night when you put that song in at the last minute. You think people thought you were just being sentimental?”
Junsu lowers his head to stare at the floor. “Dongsaeng, why don’t you still add a song; just make it the new one you were writing?”
“You know that one isn’t for the public,” he shifts away to pace the hall. “Besides, didn’t you just say she wouldn’t ever hear it?”
“Possibly, but what about this? What if I record it? Didn’t you say you could find her when her laptop turns on? We can email it to her right? Maybe have the guards send it if you’re worried she won’t open one from you.” He watches him for a minute, will it work?
Junsu stops his pacing and turns back to him. Juno smiles, he got him.
“You’re sure it will work? I wrote that for her, it’s personal.”
“And unless you say otherwise; your fans will just think it’s another ballad you’re adding to a new album.”
"And if they want to purchase it? What then?"
"Then we'll cross that bridge when it happens."
Junsu puts his sunglasses back on, runs his hand through his hair. “Alright.”
“Alright? Good! Let’s go tell them.”
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