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My sister always has the best advices for me but sometimes they're too hard to fullfil. (Y/N) what am I going to do with you?. It doesn't take long for me to take concideration of my sister's idea.
I went to (Y/N)'s house, I knock on the door without hesitation. She opens the door, she sighs looking tired with messy hair and pijamas.
"You again? what do you want? what are you doing here?"
"What I wanted was to make friends, you know."
"Seriously? fuck off I gotta sleep and I'm sure your girlfriend is wondering where you are."
"I don't have a girlfriend..... actually she doesn't even remember me."
"You don't? she doesn't remember you?"
"Yeah, she doesn't even remember my name"
All of the sudden she comes outside and sits down, signanling me to the same. She doesn't even know I'm talking about her.
"You're not the only one going through such a thing. The person I cared about is on the other side of the world and I haven't heard from him. He left when we were in 7th grade and even gave me a kiss, surpsringly I still remember that day. After that I didn't hear about him again... seems like he's forgotten about me. I did the same.... that way I can live my life without sad and short memories."
My heart shatters as she tells me everything she's gone through. She said she was a victim of a car accident, causing her to have amnesia. She forgot about me physically and mentally, my name and everything we went through.... all she remembers of us is our kiss and my departure.
"I'm sure he'll come back for you and maybe when you see him you'll remember him."
"You act just like him, but then again I can't even remember what he was like only that he was a very sweet person.... I can't even remember his name. Ahh, I'm such a horrible person."
I sit on my knees in front of her, really close and took her hands away from her face. God she looked beautiful, her eyes still have that sparkle. Without warning I lean in and kiss her. She doesn't even react, she just kisses back. I lean her face down to mine to deepen the kiss, she holds on t my chest and her other hand is on my neck. Her lips still taste sweet, like strawberry.
Quickly realizing that we're still outside, I grab her legs and place them on my hips bringing her into the house.
"Why do you remind me so much of him? who are you Kim Namjoon?"
"I'll tell you when the time come."
I wake up next to her, still, I have no idea of what came over me. She snuggles closer to me, her left arm now on my chest. Her body is so warm, and her hair is all messed up on her face making her look very adorable; she still has that baby face.
She opens her eyes and smiles letting the hair that I pulled away get thrown back on her eyes. It seems like she doesn't care that she slept with a "stranger".
"Why did you kiss me last night?"
"I don't know... something about you reminded me of someone and I guess I couldn't hold back."
"Was it her? the girl who can't remember you?"
"Yeah, you act just like her and somehow.... you look like her."
"She must be a pretty woman.... one who used to be very lucky. I mean, you're a very nice, caring and strong person. Listening to your story last night made me feel like I found a person that understands me and that I can trust, someone who knows what I went through and understands."
"Then that makes me a very lucky man. You're a very care-free person with a nice personality despite your rude-like behavior."
"Behavior? the way I acted Yesterday? i'm sorry I just didn't know you that well and I don't like being bothered by strangers."
Her words still hurt; how she called me a stranger and how she didn't know me that well. Still, I play along with the plan to see how far I can get her to remember me.
"Do you do these things with other women? like, do you sleep with them once you meet them?". She asks with a change of expression.
"Why are you asking me this?"
"Well I've had a past with a guy who I had a short relationship with..... I guess I trusted too quickly because 2 weeks after we started going out I found out he was sleeping with my sister. I don't speak with my sister anymore. He was a family friend but it never occurred to me that after we hit it off he would cheat on me with someone I trusted so deeply. I'm sorry if I you don't feel comfortable around me anymore. I'm sorry if you think of me as an "easy girl"."
"I don't think of you as an easy girl, actually, learning from past mistakes made you stronger. And to answer your question; I don't have one night stands with women, I'm not that type of person, hell, if I were to ever do that I will be so disgusted with myself."
She giggles and then stares at me with a smile, me laying on top of her.
" And if you give me a chance, I would like to start of by showing you more about me and my likes and dislikes."
"Hm, I'd like that and it could also give you a way to know more about me."
"I think I'll learn quickly."
I lean down and kiss her pink lips while hysterically laughing when she bit my bottom lip.
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