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As one of the biggest body positive activists on Vingle I must admit I am ashamed that I have never once devoted a card to the praise and acceptance of my skinny friends everywhere. For that I am sorry. Because along with fat shaming and overall assholes who think its their right to criticize someone based on their weight, there is something known as thin-shaming.
Skinny Shaming: When someone is criticized for being naturally skinny. When someone is told to "eat a cheeseburger."
Now, I am not naive. There is a huge difference between fat shaming and skinny shaming. Thin and Skinny people still have the upper hand. They are still viewed as more beautiful and they usually aren't told they are unhealthy or disgusting or lazy just based on looks alone.
But if you are a true body positive activist you better realize the problem with thin shaming.
Let me break it down for you. No one, and I mean NO ONE has the right to criticize anyones looks. But here are the common place problem skinny people deal with.
1. They are judged on their looks.
2. Random strangers think its ok to comment on what they eat.
3. They are called "not real women".
4. Friends think its ok to ignore their insecurities because they are thin.
5. Eating disorders can remain unnoticed (this also happens because of fat shaming).
6. People end up feeling ugly!
And thats a serious fucking issue.
Lets stop tearing each other down. As a woman, I'm over it.

Attacking a women's body is called misogyny. You are part of the problem.

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thanks for this! I really needed it.
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It's really horrible... being "fat" is bad, and being "skinny" is bad... what can you be? Perfect? The words themselves "skinny", "fat", and "perfect" are so subjective that no matter what you look like you will hate yourself. Society needs to fix this. Not all guys like "perfect" or "fat" girls, just like not all guys like girls!! This is just one big flaw in society.
2 years ago·Reply
Not only that, but some don't NEED a significant other to be happy! So love yourself for you, not what society want you to be!
2 years ago·Reply
I can't stand it when someone is shaming people for being skinny. @MichaelOgg is right 100 percent just be you and only change if you want to not because your told to by society
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One thing tho - if the *skinny* one is eating disordered it fuels the idea of losing more
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