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IT'S KISSME SELCA DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALSO 0330 DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am a-o-good tho
Right, so, this group of cuties released a song a few years ago called '0330' and that day is this day. 0330 is March 30th (its the 29th where i am but its the 30th in korea fite me k) and like every month on the 30th is KISSme Selca Day, but today IS kinda important I guess.
I love these dorks SO MUCH it hurts. (also look aT KEVIN WHAT DOES HE THINK HE S D O I N G) So, I decided, to show my appreciation (i guess idfk) to these dorks, aka U-KISS, I did the thing.
This is me. Hi. Hello. Konnichiwa. Annyeonghaseyo. Aloha amigos (aayy no ones gonna get this prob but bramy reference aaa). Aanyway. I've been in this fandom since December 25, 2014 and even though last year was the first KISSme Selca Day, I am an awkward caterpillar. So this year is my first! ~~~~~~
I got in to Kpop around August in 2014 (beginning of 8th grade what a great way to start a school year) after my best friend showed me G-Dragon's Crayon. Now, before this, I had had MANY 'phases' with Kpop. Like going from 2NE1, SNSD, SHINee, and SuJu mainly. However, sadly, my first phase was in like 2009 and, let's be real, 9 year old me WAS NOT ready for the commitment and dedication needed for this fandom. So, every year or so, around Summer break, I'd get into these groups over and over again. In 2013, while at another best friend(bestie1)'s house, I got into Big Bang. That was when I first heard Crayon, and when my other best friend(bestie2) mentioned Crayon to me I freaked out. After going home and looking up all the groups mentioned before, I found EXO. (cue my descent into a flaming hole of shiny suits and eyeliner) I was hooked. I had gone through EXO, BTS, VIXX, 2PM, A-JA, HISTORY, MBLAQ, a little JYJ, GOT7, and sO MUCH MORE. That was it. I was done for and had sold my soul to a bias list. Then one morning, Christmas morning actually, I got a set of Kiss nail polish. I, being the fangirl I am, read 'Kiss' as U-KISS and freaked out. Thoughts of "U-KISS HAS A NAIL POLISH LINE? WHAT?" and mostly "U-KISS?!?!??!?!?!!!!" ran through my mind on repeat. I ran to my room after opening my presents and INSTANTLY opened YouTube. I wasn't ready.
The first MV I watched, after closing my eyes and clicking one, was Stop Girl. Now, I call it fate, others may call it mere coincidence, but, you know how at the beginning of the MV, everyone looks up at the camera one by one? Well, Eli is the first to be shown, and I was like, "Oh, he's cute! Bias!". I was wronger than I ever could have been EVER. Kevin is shown second, right? I don't know what it is, what it was, how, why, but whatever it was, it made my heart skip a few beats. I saw him and I knew instantly he was my bias. Also, fun fact, the second I saw him he just felt right(? i guess? idk how to explain this part love is so confusing and its nice and weird and warm and idk tbh just), and he looke familiar as if I'd seen him somewhere before, and my heart wanted to curl up and die in a puddle of the blood, sweat, and tears I'd be putting into this group from that day forward. Eventually, I found out the feeling I was feeling was love. After only ever being 'truly in love' with a Vocaloid named Kagamine Len, this was SO STRANGE TO ME? LIKE. So, one day, I was with bestie2, and I began explaining to her how I, like, felt connected in some way to Kevin, she googled 'define soulmates' and... Yeah... I now know that I've found my soulmate in a Korean boy band called U-KISS. Of course, I love all the other members,especially Soohyun? like he is precious, except Eli and sometimes Hoon because I HAVE A BIAS LIST TO RUN. EXCUSE YOU, STAY IN YOUR LANES PLEASE.
So, yeah, that's basically how I came to fall in love with an angel named Kevin Woo from a Korean boy band called U-KISS. (also here have my favorite pictures of Kevin and like 3 of my favorite selcas)
it just started last year XDD
I didnt even know of this day....ahhh