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Another way to enjoy sugar and healthy bites at once! Ingredients - ⅓ Cup Lime Juice - ½ Cup Granulated Sugar - 2 ½ Cups Water - 1 Pomegranate Instructions: 1. Mix the lime juice, sugar and water thoroughly until all the sugar is completely dissolved. This recipe for limeade is a bit sweeter than I like but you need to make your popsicle recipe on the sweet side as it will not be as sweet when frozen. 2. Add the juice to the popsicle molds, but do not completely fill them. We are going to add pomegranate seeds next. 3. Seed the pomegranate.
this is probably one of the prettiest pop sicles ive seen in a long timeeeeeee seems suuuper healthy too!!
Pomegranates, believe it or not, are historically a very important fruit! It's believed by some that it wasn't an apple that Eve ate in the Garden of Eden but a pomegranate! This looks delicious and I agree with @kristenadams very pretty popsicles!
I can't wait for summer to come back so I can make these!
@kristenadamsi agree! I wonder if it tastes as icy as it doessss