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Recently, another Vingler (@cindystran) shared a card that struck a chord with me (and with others on Vingle). It got me thinking about things. It was refreshing to hit pause and really think about the big picture of my life.
Then I stumbled upon this unknown quote that sort of hit me on the head!
I don't know what worries or anxiety you may be going through, but just as this quote says, even the smallest step in the direction that you know to be right can be the start of a brand new life that you couldn't experience otherwise.
I know that when I get scared or feel like I'm in over my head, I find great peace when I am able to make decisions that I can stand behind--the ones that I am confident is correct, even if I don't yet understand it.
Be blessed my fellow Vinglers!
I'm having an "ah-ha!" moment here. Thanks for the reminder @marshalledgar.
YESSSS! Most definitely action for sure lol
LOL! Today is a day of pause, assessment, and action! @jordanhamilton
if this isn't the truth then I really don't know what is!
Thabks for sharing your card to begin with @cindystran