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CNBLUE Comeback News for their 6th mini album 'BLUEMING' !
CNBLUE has released a schedule for their comeback which consists of the teaser site, teaser photos, and the tracklist released for their 6th mini album 'BLUEMING' ! :) The first track from the album 'You're so fine' will be released April 4th!
Teaser Site w/ Schedule for comeback Link: http://fncent.com/CNBLUE/index.html?url=/CNBLUE/b/introduce/1301
Teaser Image #1 ❤ Link: Check out @FNC_ENT's Tweet: https://twitter.com/FNC_ENT/status/712655207776124928?s=09
BLUEMING 6th mini album tracklist! Link: Check out @FNC_ENT's Tweet: https://twitter.com/FNC_ENT/status/714829589910958081?s=09
The guys look very very handsome and gorgeous!! and I can't wait to hear their whole album! I bet it's amazing :) Who's ready for CNBLUE?! *KpopINT does not own any of these photos! All info credit to FNC Entertainment! & Gif creds to "Scolipede" from Tumblr :) -Happy Tuesday! Question? How are we all still alive with so many comebacks coming at us? lol so many kpop merch to be brought! My wallet is screaming BROKE! ㅋㅋㅋ ❤ - Reporter Taemi @parktaemi
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I am so excited for this comeback!!!
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I'm excited too. They are so talented (not to mention HOT), and I love that they are a true band.
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