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Over the past couple of months I have been getting mixed reviews on coffee.
Actually for the most part, they have been bad. People have complained about the amount of money spent and the poor effects it can have on your body. After hearing the news, I stepped away from the coffee pot for a bit, but this new review has me brewing a pot this minute!
Vasanti Malik, who is a nutrition research scientist at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, recently blessed Reddit to discuss what her take on coffee was.
Her response? “Coffee…. contains a number of healthful vitamins and nutrients and findings from our studies have shown associations with reduced risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease and mortality.”
Then, Malik went into specifics on the matter, stating the nutritious benefits of coffee are seen at “about 5 cups per day.”
Now.. now now.. before you go in there and ingest the entire pot of coffee, she explained a couple key factors, in particular, that your coffee should be minimally sweetened and not full of whipped cream.
So enjoy as much coffee as you want, just don't overload on sugar and whipped cream while you're at it.

@mchlyang right?! That's a lot of caffeine, isn't it? What about the fact that you're taking a blanket statement of 5 cups and issuing it out to all ages, genders, health groups, and weight classes? That doesn't seem right to me.
5 cups? That doesnt sound healthy at all....even if its just black coffee!
@ButterflyBlu Exactly another great point! People have different standards and I know some people who can't even take a single cup of coffee!