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Hey HEY hey, Here is Chapter 15 Y'all! Her Social Media: Her Tumblr: slayyoongi Kpop Amino: yougotnojamz Vingle Name:@yougotnojamz WattPad: slayyoongi *NOTE* This story is not mine! Simply sharing. I did get permission from the Author Character Profiles: Link➡


Link----› ♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧ Genre: Mafia AU Pairing: I don’t even know anymore Others Characters in Chapter:  Yoongi Length: 3467 words

Warning: Swearing, Violence, Intimacy

Summary: The love of your life wasn’t who he claimed to be Part: 15/? Jungkook didn’t believe a word of it. “Liar. I don’t like liar’s y/n.” Pft, that’s rich coming from you. He walked right up to me and stopped. He stared at me. And I stared right back. Then, the lights went off.
Y/n’s POV All I could hear was the sound of my heavy breathing. Did Yoongi turn these lights off? He would’ve told me if he was going to pull some stunt like that. I whispered “oh shit”, under my breath. Jungkook would probably think I planned this. You could shoot him now y/n. You know where he’s standing and you’ve not heard him move. No one’s stopping you. But I knew full well I didn’t have it in me. This was Jungkook- I couldn’t hurt him. I didn’t really care what he‘d done to me - I would pick my own death over his any day. And I wasn’t angry at him anymore. Now that I knew Jimin was alive. Had he not called Yoongi, this would have been a whole different ball game. Suddenly I could feel his breath on my cheek. I froze. “It’s OK babe. I’m right here.” I mentally cursed myself. He knows I’m afraid of the dark. Great way to not look weak y/n. Yoongi was probably on the phone right now. Maybe the lights going had delayed the call. I was hoping so, because Jin wasn’t actually here. Jungkook hand found my cheek surprisingly easily, as he softly stroked it, wiping away a tear.His eyes must have adjusted to the dark already. I hadn’t even realised I was crying. I tried to step back but he grabbed my arm, pinning me in place. I shut my eyes tight. “OK Jungkook. I don’t know what you did to the lights but well done. If this was to scare me, mission accomplished. Now if you’re gonna kill me, make it quick.” He took his hand away like he had just burned it, recoiling from my words. His voice was at my ear again, making me shiver. “I haven’t touched the lights y/n. And I don’t want to kill you babe.” I opened my eyes at this last statement. “You shot at me”, I said bluntly. His hand was back. This time he was stroking my (still damp) hair. It reminded me of our movie nights. Or when we both had a lie in. He would always start playing with my hair. “I was angry. I wasn’t thinking straight. And with the boys egging me on, I acted on impulse. You do know I regret it, right?” Do you Jungkook? I was sceptical. “I almost passed out with relief when that freak stepped in front of you.” I tensed at his words. Then I smiled. “Well Jungkook.” I started. “Consider yourself very lucky that the ‘freak’ survived.” Jungkook was silent. Suddenly, the same hand that was stroking me, grabbed a handful of hair. I gasped in pain. Again, he was at my ear, speaking in that low tone he uses when he’s trying not to get angry. “Lucky huh?”, he breathed while I tried not to move too much. My scalp was on fire. “And what the fuck would you have done if he hadn’t? Cry? Call me names? Fuck Yoongi cus you’re ‘stressed’?” I was debating whether to say ‘all of the above’, but that probably wouldn’t have been too wise. Jesus. This boy is dangerous. “Why don’t you let go of me so I can show you exactly what the fuck I’d do”, I spat. Y/n, this tough talk doesn’t suit you. Clearly Jungkook thought so too. He let go and started laughing at me. Trying to humiliate me, degrade me. But I was too focused on what Yoongi might be doing to care. Laugh all you want, you’re only buying me more time. His phone started buzzing. He checked who it was. The sudden bright light of the screen made my eyes water. But when I wiped them and took a proper look at Jungkook , I could see his face streaked with dried tears. I stared at him, wide-eyed. He couldn’t see me, so I could stare all I wanted. When had he been crying? I didn’t hear him. He rejected the call and pocketed his phone. But I had seen the caller. He had just rejected a call from Jin. My eyes narrowed. “Why did you come here? Without them?” He took a shaky breath, trying to conceal his actual mood, but I heard it. “I came for you y/n.” No. He tried to kill you y/n. He regrets it now, but he might try and do it again next time you piss him off.  We heard a distant bang,like a door slamming shut, and I jumped in shock, automatically grabbing Jungkook’s arm. Just like when we watched that horror movie the other week, I thought to myself.  When he didn’t react, didn’t move, I instantly let go of him. He probably doesn’t want me to touch him. Jungkook’s normal reaction to when I held him in fear was to hug me. Make me feel safe. But I suppose, this wasn’t just us watching a horror movie. The circumstances were a little…different. “Looks like your boy toy wants to play a game”, Jungkook announced. I reacted instantly, trying to shove his chest blindly, but missing entirely and pushed his arm instead. “Jesus Christ Jungkook! He is NOT my boy toy!” “What is he then?” I thought carefully before replying. If I said anything stupid, I had a feeling Jungkook would go look for Yoongi, and that would end badly. “H-he’s my…” Do I say ‘friend’? ‘Kidnapper’? ‘He’s nothing to me’? “My kidnapper.” I whispered. What the hell does Jungkook want to prove? “And who fucks their own kidnapper, y/n?” His voice was venomous.  “Huh?” “Why the fuck are you assuming we-” “I’M NOT ASSUMING SHIT!” he yelled, making me step back in shock. His voice echoed in the seemingly empty building. Yoongi must have heard that. Good- that tells Yoongi I’m still alive at least. “I saw your fucking clothes on his floor, so don’t fucking lie to me.” “I-i just changed clothes”, I replied in a small voice. Yes I had sex with Yoongi. No, I don’t know why I did it. No, I was never going to outright admit it to Jungkook. Yes, he was hell-bent on making me feel terrible about it. “How did it feel y/n?”, He asked. His voice was sickly sweet and to be honest, it was making my stomach turn, the way he so openly asked me these questions. “Was he better than me?” Help me. “Do you like him?” HELP ME. Then, I snapped. “You slept with his girlfriend then killed her. You need to sort out your fucked up priorities,Jeon Jungkook.” I was shaking. With rage, fear, the cold. You name it. I stepped back once more, willing that I’d kept my big mouth shut. “That’s not the same thing. That was part of the job.” He was slowly losing it. I could tell. I stepped back a little more, only to feel a cold wall behind me. Shit. “And where in the job description did it say ‘ have sex and slit throat’?  I asked. My voice was laced with disbelief at the fact that he thought he could justify his actions. He chuckled humourlessly. “It’s sad y/n”, he said, changing the subject from himself to me. “You’re living in some fantasy world, thinking that lowlife likes you, when all he wants is revenge for losing his prized possession. And you’re letting him lead you on, just like that.  I thought you were smart.” “Ha!” I scoffed, ignoring his words. I wasn’t in denial, but I was sure Yoongi wasn’t like that. Maybe that had been his initial plan, but he wasn’t thinking that anymore.. Was he? “You’re questioning my intelligence?” “I’m questioning your fucking judgement y/n”, he snapped. He stepped up to me again, and I braced myself for any pain. But it didn’t come. “I’m questioning the way you follow Saint Yoongi around like a pet dog.” Ouch. I didn’t say anything. Jungkook ran his hands down my sides, leaving a trail of warmth. His touch gave me tingles. I sighed. His hands moved to the waist band of my shorts and unsurprisingly stopped at the gun. I could hear the smirk in his voice. “What’s this for? Did he tell you to shoot me? I assume you knew I was coming from the way you were just stood here.” Even though I had been with him for four months, the proximity still made me breathless. “N-no. Not you. It was in case Jin tried anything. And yeah, I knew you were coming. Tracked your call.” He laughed and tapped my head affectionately. I was confused- how did he do it? Go from his hulk-like rage to being a caring boyfriend, just like that? I was glad the lights were off, so he couldn’t see me frowning in thought. “What about me? Would you pull the trigger on me y/n?”, he asked quietly. His lips were mere centimetres away from mine.  “What kind of question is that? Of course not.” I tried to act all calm and collected, but my head was spinning with worry. Where was Yoongi? Was he listening in? What was he doing? Had he called? Why is Jungkook here? So many questions. “How do I know you’re not lying?” What?! “I mean, you just told me you and Yoongi have had an argument, and I know that’s a lie. When Min Yoongi argues with someone, that someone ends up six feet under.” I swallowed. “Jungkook if I was going to shoot you, I wouldn’t do it on his orders. I’m not in his bloody gang. And I would have done so ages ago. Plus, I wouldn’t…I couldn’t.” “You can help someone beat me and tie me up, but you can’t shoot me? Now who’s priorities are fucked up?” Why won’t he drop it? Stop asking me questions! “You know what Jungkook, fuck you.” The tension between us what getting too much to bare, and if his plan was to keep interrogating me, I wanted out. I tried to move, but he slammed his hand onto the wall beside me, making sure I didn’t. “Why don’t you?” I didn’t have to see to know there was a smirk on his face.  Yoongi, where the hell did you go? Jungkook leaned down at my level- I knew because I could feel his breath again.  “I-i errr…”, I fumbled like an idiot. What’s his game cus I ain’t playing. “Aww, are you shy? Why so tongue-tied all of a sudden?”, he mocked. “Shut up”, I muttered, the heat rising to my face.Change the subject y/n. “You made the wrong choice Jungkookie”, I stated, willing for the redness in my cheeks to disappear.  He sounded confused, but his hand never left the wall, never giving me the chance to run. “The wrong choice about what?” But you can’t outrun him anyway y/n, what’s the point? I took a deep breath. “Minah would have been the better option.” He was about to say somethng, but I cut him off. “She loved you. You were her lockscreen. Your name was her password. She would have let you kill your enemies. She would have followed YOU. She wouldn’t run like some pathetic scared little girl. She wouldn’t care that someone almost died for her. She would be less complicated.” There were many reasons to continue, but I stopped there. “That’s true”, Jungkook mused. I felt like I’d been stabbed in the chest. I wasn’t expecting him to agree with me. “But she was a selfish, manipulative, cold-hearted bitch. And I’d pick you over that whore any day.” There was silence as I took in what he said. That was from the heart. He meant that. “Wait a minute…”, he spoke again, breaking the silence. “How did you know her password was my name?” “Errr”, Oh well done y/n you IDIOT. “She told me.” “Bullshit”, he growled in response. “Why don’t you go ask her? She’ll back me up. Oh wait, that’s right, you can’t, because you fucking killed her”, I seethed. I had to cover my fuck-up somehow now, didn’t I? “And I don’t fucking regret it”, he stated, and I exhaled in relief. I’d taken him off track. You will do when her dad finds out. “This conversation has been long enough. Do you think we gave Saint Yoongi enough time to do whatever he’s doing?”, Jungkook asked sweetly, making my blood freeze. Just then, we heard the distinct roar of an engine outside. No. “Th-that’s the van!”I pushed past Jungkook to run to the door. He followed suit. I swung the door abruptly and stopped dead, causing Jungkook to run into me, and steady himself by placing his arms around my waist. I didn’t have the energy to shake him off. I was just in time to see it turn back onto the road, going back the way we came. I covered my hand with my mouth to stop myself from screaming in frustration. What the fuck had Yoongi done?
Yoongi’s POV As soon as he texted y/n that Jungkook was here, Yoongi switched the lights off from the mains- the plan was to confuse Jin’s lot and make it safer for y/n. He hadn’t told her because from their conversations, he had picked up that she was a terrible liar, and the minute Jin asked her anything, she would crumble. It took a few minutes for the whole warehouse to go dark. I’ll check what they’re doing before I call Minah’s father. He snuck out of his office and down the hallway. He could hear y/n’s shrill voice. “OK Jungkook.”Why is she only addressing Jungkook? Where are the others?  I don’t know what you did to the lights but well done. If this was to scare me, mission accomplished.”  Yoongi smiled. She’s scared of the dark? Huh. “Now if you’re gonna kill me, make it quick.” His smile instantly disappeared. He better not touch her. Jungkook spoke so quietly that Yoongi had to creep further forward to hear him. “I haven’t touched the lights y/n. And I don’t want to kill you babe.” Yoongi gritted his teeth. Jimin calling y/n ‘babe’ was bad enough, but when Jungkook said it, it made Yoongi want to punch something. Or someone. Preferably Jungook himself. What did she see in him anyway? Yoongi wondered bitterly. If it wasn't for y/n standing there, Yoongi would’ve shot him, no hesitation. But she was. Plus, Yoongi could figure out their rough location, but he wasn’t 100% certain where Jungkook was stood. Y/n’s voice spoke “You shot at me.' “I was angry. I wasn’t thinking straight. And with the boys egging me on, I acted on impulse. You do know I regret it, right?” This bastard. Thinks she’ll forgive him. “I almost passed out with relief when that freak stepped in front of you.” Yoongi was seeing red. Sure, Jimin was still alive, but this douche had no fucking right to speak about him like that. As far as Jungkook was concerned, Jimin was dead, lying in a ditch. “Well Jungkook. Consider yourself very lucky that the ‘freak’ survived.” Yoongi’s lips turned upwards and formed a small smile. Was she trying to act tough? Cute. Yoongi couldn’t see anything at all, but when he heard y/n gasp in pain, he was about to yell. Give it a few more seconds Yoongi. He might hurt her further. “Lucky huh? And what the fuck would you have done if he hadn’t? Cry? Call me names? Fuck Yoongi cus you’re ‘stressed’?” Yoongi wanted to punch his lights out. At least y/n can see who he really is. “Why don’t you let go of me so I can show you exactly what the fuck I’d do.” She sounded like she was trying hard not to cry. It made Yoongi want to go and hug her. Protect her. In the midst of all this, Yoongi’s phone buzzed. They couldn’t hear him over their argument, but he couldn’t take his phone out right there- Jungkook was bound to see him.  He crept back to his office with ease even in the pitch black- he’d done this journey enough times. On his way in, he accidentally kicked his door shut- the bang echoed. Yoongi winced. They must have heard that. It was a text. Or many texts. From Jimin: Boss can’t call ambulance. I’ll get caught From Jimin: Jin not at warehouse. They’re still here From Jimin: They r looking for Jungkook. I hear them shouting his name Yoongi knew he’d have to go and get Jimin. Or else he’d pass out again from the pain- or just keep bleeding until his body gave up on him. Yoongi wasn’t going to risk that again.  He rang Jimin who answered instantly. “Boss?” He sounded breathless, weak. “I’ve taken one out. Can’t reach the other one.”  Yoongi shook his head in dismay. He was referring to the bullets. “Jimin, didn't I tell you not to do anything?” He sounded stern. But it was because he cared.  Though you wouldn’t catch him dead ever saying that out loud. “It hurts more when they’re in me”, the boy whined softly. “Hang in there Jimin. I’m coming to get you.” “But what about Jungkook at the warehouse? And y/n.” “She’s distracting him right now. I think she can hold him off for long enough for me to get you. And this time, Jin won’t catch us.” Yoongi decided to check one more time on y/n and he overheard Jungkook practically shouting at her. “You’re living in some fantasy world, thinking that lowlife likes you, when all he wants is revenge for losing his prized possession. And you’re letting him lead you on, just like that.  I thought you were smart.” Yoongi clenched his teeth. This kid was crossing a line, big time. I’m sorry y/n, I won’t be long.  The truth was Jimin needed him. Jimin, the man who was always there for him, now needed his help. “Ha! You’re questioning my intelligence?” Yoongi smiled. Y/n always surprised him. She was stronger than he thought. “I’m questioning your fucking judgement y/n. I’m questioning the way you follow Saint Yoongi around like a pet dog.”  This kid wants to die. Yoongi couldn’t listen to anymore. He knew if he stayed, he would so something stupid in his anger. I have more self control than this idiot. Yoongi walked back in the direction he came from and carried on walking passed his office. He’d have to walk the long way round to get to the van. Those two were stood near the front door, so he couldn’t use it. Yoongi was annoyed. Why the hell couldn’t they all have come together? Then he could have taken them all down. He wanted to text y/n but he didn’t know whether her phone was on silent or not. And with Jungkook there, it was too risky. You’ve left her with someone who’s tried to kill her was all he could think as he walked around the building. You idiot. Yuri had reported back to him once, that Jeon Jungkook, the soldier of Jin’s gang had a fiery temper. And with his anger, followed violence. Doesn’t matter where, or who. Yuri said he took her on a date, and when the waiter winked at her, he got up in the crowded restaurant and punched him square in the jaw. He had many ‘Jungkook horror stories’ like this. Boy was crazy. Possessive. Yet Yoongi was sure, the only side of himself that he had allowed y/n to see was this sweet, caring cuddly boyfriend who never swore, never got angry. He hoped for y/n’s sake she wouldn’t tell Jungkook what she had done with him.   He finally reached the van and realised why only Jungkook was here. There was a motorbike up front just in front of the van. No wonder no one else had come. As he started the engine and reversed, he winced. It was even louder at night, resonating throughout the still air, disturbing the peace. They must have heard the engine. Sure enough, as Yoongi set off, he saw the warehouse doors open in his peripheral vision. There was y/n, looking at the van in disbelief, her hand covering her mouth. She wasn’t tall enough to see the look of desperation in Yoongi’s eyes. But that wasn’t the worst of it. Oh no. Because there was Jeon fucking Jungkook, stood behind her, one arm snaked around her waist, smirking darkly at him. With his free hand, he give Yoongi a small salute, the smirk never leaving his face.   Yoongi growled. He thinks he’s won.  As, he drove, Yoongi was slowly formulating a plan. Don’t worry y/n. He’ll be dead before morning. To Be Continued.... ♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡
OMG THIS IS KILLING ME!!!!!! GAH! GO SAVE ORANGE MINTY! ;-; Ugh Y/N better not start some stupid shit after that I swear ima get in this story and punch the lights out of her ._.

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