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“Falling in Love With You is the Best Suicide I Ever Committed” by Lumina H. Falling in love with you is the best suicide I ever committed If you ever want to die, fall in love with someone as ravishing as you are. It’s as if you were born to kill me with your intoxicating beauty It’s as if you knew from birth, that you were my greatest weakness It’s as if you planned all your life of how to bring me down into an inevitable downfall. How did you know how to kill me? How did you know I would commit suicide? How did you know that when I met you, you became my worst tragedy? So thank you, dearest one For knowing exactly how to kill me All you did was appear in front of my eyes And right then, from the very beginning it was game over. But it was still the best form of suicide A suicide where I, took a pill You manufactured that pill in your factory Its ingredients were; lust, passion, desire, covetousness You made it for one purpose; destruction. Lust That made me taste a billion illegal drugs from my tongue Sweeter than sugar and honey Funner than the greatest video game Satisfying than even sleep itself. Oh, I enjoyed moments of it for sure It was just that, my heart My poor, poor heart couldn’t keep up It beat too rapidly and fiercely, like the ocean waves of a storm It got tired of beating like a never ending vibrator It needed a rest Poor, poor thing So I let it stop working out of pity. Oh, so many nights You were in my arms I was in your arms And we were inseparable We were one. In my wildest dreams All we ever wanted Was to taste each other Every single bit of us And this thought entered my brain like a zombie virus. My poor, poor brain The virus hacked into my wire system And planted incurable bugs in my nerves And my brain said “enough” I am sick and tired of imagining images That aren’t realistic They are only virtual images that can’t be fulfilled. So my brain decided it’d be best To shut itself down And turn off its energy and power Because the virus had spread throughout my entire frontal lobe And no judgement or logic could chase out the virus It was over My poor brain shut itself down forever. And my eyes… Oh my vision! You and your eyes! They just pierced right through mine And blinded me I couldn’t see anything else in this world Except your immaculate beauty I no longer could see the beautiful ocean, flowers, sky or stars Because all I could ever see was you You and your eyes, your nose, your lips, your smile. And my poor, poor eyes Decided it’d be best To stop opening It needed a rest, blinking wasn’t enough Sleeping wasn’t enough It wanted to close itself and never see the blinding light that you omitted Because your light was more brighter than the sun So out of pity I told my eyes “You can close them forever if you want to” And so my eyes happily closed them and never opened them ever again. No matter how hard I tried, there was no way of escaping No way of winning No way of overcoming No way of living. How could I live on, if there was no hope from the start? From the very beginning until the very end I was doomed When I met you, death was already knocking on my door And I, poisoned by your delicious eyes, opened my door willingly. You came, I saw, I loved, I cried, I died.